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Moving Fun (or something like that)

This is not a literary masterpiece but is rather a post for those of you who:
1- want to follow our journey or
2- want to know how to move a family 3000+ miles or
3- wonder if we are still sane (jury is still out on this one) after moving a family 3000+ miles.

The last month has been a flurry of {blurry} details as we worked to get our family ready to move 3,000 miles.  We moved to Florida in 2001 and have been in the same house since 2010.  Along the way we have gained three children and a pile of stuff.  The last four weeks have been filled with sorting, packing while finishing our year at the Ranch.  I'm very thankful to my mom joining us for two weeks- having an extra hand for dish washing, child wrangling, babysitting while Jer and I had to run errands was priceless.

I collected lots of ideas and tips on moving, and my best one was my "supply basket," which kept me sane.

Inside were colored labels, packing tape, sharpie marker, ziplock bag for kid-toy-batteries, s…

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