Saturday, October 18, 2014

FIVE years with Forest

Five years ago . . . . 

my boy came into this world!  Without a lot of drama or nonsense, he came.  You can never fully have an idea how a little person will change your life.

Forest Timothy

My fall pumpkin.

My little go-go!

chubby cheeked, squishy leg boy!

My train-loving boy . . . before he was even old enough that he should know what trains are!

Yup, loves the trains!

Loves cars . . . anything that moves!

My #1 destructo!

Have I mentioned cars?

My nature boy!

My goofy boy!

My "I don't want to eat meat because I don't want to get a heart attack" boy!

Train loving boy!

Amazing big brother- sweet and caring and gentle.

Goofy . . . have I mentioned goofy?

And messy and muddy and messy!

Careful and methodical, creative and unique.

I sure am thankful for FIVE years with these inquisitive and wondering blue eyes.  Forest keeps me praying and wondering, laughing and shaking my head.  And that's usually just in the first five minutes of being awake each day.  I love you Forest, foo-boo!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Rainy days, what else?

So!  I despise the over-use in our culture of the term "busy," but I honestly don't really know how else to describe life lately.  Trying to fit our life and home school into the hours of 8:30-4 (and a lot of days, 10-3 when I add in meetings) . . . well, let's just say it's been b.u.s.y.


Like "I need to sit down and figure out how to make this life work" kind of busy.  Like "why am I having such a hard time keeping my house clean" kind of busy.  (Basics like toilets and sinks and putting away laundry here people, not talking about white glove!)  Like "I haven't exercised in weeks" busy.

But things are good in that.  School is going well- hard days of course.  Days when I wish I could send my kid to school to have THEM discipline her . . . and then I remember that they DON'T (can't) and that's partly why I want her at home!  And then days when I watch her comprehension of math and reading and think "wow, what an awesome privilege to watch my children learn."

Heidi makes life interesting.  She's 1.  She's my giggly, happy, terrorist.  Well, the last 6 days she has been sick and that was like having a true terrorist around. But today her silly self was back.  She insists on wearing SHOES or socks!  What in the world?  She's 1!  And I never really have them on her (it's Florida people!).  But the last few days, she finds them (usually someone elses socks) and brings them over and grunts until I put  them on.  Then she crawls off content.  Today it was shoes.  And she wore them all day!  I tried to take them off at one point because *I* feel cramped in shoes . . .and she brought them back and grunted. . . so on they went.  I am a bit scared of the next two years with this one!

We have some new friends (co-workers) here at the Ranch and that brings Forest a new playmate!  Their middle son has a very similar personality to Forest and he LOVES to play with toys and use his imagination.  I'm so, so thankful for this- Forest has a wild and crazy buddy, but not an imagination- play with toys and trucks and trains buddy, until now!  Thanks God!

Well, it's 9:30 and I have some school things to wrap up.  A kitchen to ant-proof (ant attack this time of year and ugh!).   A tired and weary body to hopefully lay in bed soon.  I've been reminding myself that life is full.  That I'll survive.  And praise God, this weekend is a home weekend for our boys!  (First since Sept 1st).  I need the break SO bad . . .not planning a single project!


Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hey!  Life is in a pretty good routine and flying right along, as usual!  Seems like the days start so early and end so late . . . and so much in between.  But overall, things are going well!  I've manged to pull my camera out some- a few highlights . . .

Jer's mom came for a visit- they did a lot of coloring, play doh, crafts and nail painting. 

This child. One picture just isn't enough.  Her personality is big enough for two kids . . . and she is the first of my three that I'm actually SCARED about parenting for the next two years.  She has the most joyous personality (a very clear answer to my prayer for her to be my joy-baby, while pregnant).  She also has the most mischievous personality (these pictures are of her with Jer's beef jerky she found AND got out of the packaging). She also has the strongest will- as evidenced by the loud and over dramatic wailing and crying when things aren't her way.  To see it in one so little . . . oh my.  

Also evidenced by her inability to hold still for a required 11 month teddy bear picture!

We celebrated a cottage birthday!  This group is a pretty neat group of boys!  Overall they are really coming along- August we put in a lot of HARD hours of discipline and training, but it's finally paying off.  The constant correction is lessening and some of them are really starting to shine.  Others, not so much.  Anytime you want to pray for us- pray for wisdom in discipline, for the right children to be in our cottage and unity when it's time to say "enough is enough" and let them go.

School continues along, improved attitudes and enjoyment!  I have found that Shan does much better with hands-on- whether that is grammar or math.  So after much blog-stalking (of 1st grade public school teachers), I found printable things for Math Journals and Language Arts Journals . . .and we added those activities to our daily routine.  And not ONCE has there been a complaint about those.  Something about washi tape, colored paper, cutting and gluing makes everything fun!  

Jer has been busy rehabilitating baby squirrels that someone found.  Yup, feeding every 3 hours!  HA!

He's also been learning how to whip!  Quite an amazing skill to watch develop.

Isn't she the most beautiful Mexican Mamma????  Some dear co-workers of ours had their second baby today!  Took these pictures on Sunday, and today I got to go meet Niko!

Heidi went along too :) 

I LOVE new life!

Well, that's a brief, brief peek into life around here!  Tomorrow we have a field trip, which should be fun . . .but was way too much work to get ready for.  We will be gone all day and then work all weekend, so I had to spend all day today cleaning, etc.  UGH!  Oh and a certain someone turns 1 on SATURDAY!  EEEK!