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Washington Life!

I keep starting an update and then can't figure out where to "go" with it.  I'll try again.  We have been in Washington for two full months.  Days have been full and long and time is cruising right along, the days seem to short for what needs to be done.  But I suppose that's the siren song of life, right?

I ended the post with our prayer requests, but I'm going to move them here to the top- then you can enjoy the fluffy pictures!!!

A few prayer requests- the reality of life- not the sugar-coated ideas we have from seeing photos and assuming all is well  . . .
*  School- we have started up but are all struggling.  Homeschooling continues to be the right choice, for flexibility with Jer's job.  However, transition from packing-moving-travel-unpacking-new home-back to school is proving to be a challenge, for kids and teacher alike.  It's hard to know if a bad day is because of emotions with moving, with lack of school discipline or something else.  Pleas…

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