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I realize our moving truck post was quite a shock . . . and confused everyone.  In the flurry of accepting a new position and getting ready to leave our place in Massachusetts, there just wasn't time for a good blog post.  Also the last week there we were in an RV with basically no cell reception.  So that's the excuse.

Now for the details!!!!

Yes, we are moving to Mississippi.  No joke.  Stop laughing!  Oh wait, we are too :)

As the story goes . . .

One of our dearest "couple friends" has been telling us about the children's home they work at for the past year.  Last winter/spring we prayed as they interviewed, I did a reference call for her and we celebrated as they began their new job.  Meanwhile, as this spring has gone on, housing just continued to "elude" us at camp.  They tried their best to figure out a solution and none presented itself.  Eventually they decided to build- which is a great long-term solution for their housing but would require o…

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