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For the Curious

For my curious or detail oriented friends . . . here is our "move across the USA" plan!  If you are a praying person, you will notice all the possible complications with all these plans and we covet your prayers.

** If you are a Florida person and see my husband this week- DO NOT ask him about all these details.  He needs to focus on his class and I'm doing my best to not get into all the little move details until it's over.  Please help me out here!  He doesn't want to discuss moving vans and doggie cargo! **

PLEASE PRAY for God's graciousness over all these things.  Weather.  Humans.  Details.  I believe strongly God is in the details.  Ask me sometime about God providing just the right "personal undergarments" when my BFF and I prayed specifically for them, for a college formal.

Side note- someone told me the other day that they moved "across the United States."  And then I found out it was like 900 miles.  And I tried not to die laughin…

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