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The "can you believe it" Chapter

In the crazy book I have been told to write some day, this next chapter has several titles.  Possible suggestions include:

"7000 Miles and Still Homeless"
"Gordon Nomads"
"Frequent Crier Miles" (my dad's idea)
"He Who Pukes Last"

So where to begin? I'll get to the main prayer point first, in case you just can't believe this and have to stop reading.

We need a home!

Back story- Housing is part of our new job and being provided for us.  It appeared a house had been located just 1/2 mile from the Retreat Center and it was basically a done deal before we even left WA.  Unfortunately on Wednesday, an "ex" spouse came out of the woodwork and refused to sign the papers.  Perhaps it was always in the works but unknown to people here.  All that to say, everyone feels bad and is doing their best to remedy the situation.  We aren't upset because it is what it is, right?  Who knew . . . I'm trusting that there is a BETTER housin…

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