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Great Westward Trek Part 2

DAY FOUR- Break from the Road (sort of)
Today was our built-in rest stop.  We wanted to see the historic town of Deadwood and Mount Rushmore.  We ended up driving a while because Rushmore was 90 minutes south but it was an amazing drive through a National Forest.  Lots more random things to see today . . .

Random miner in Deadwood

We went to the Broken Boot Gold mine- pretty amazing history of mining from a real mine.  I can't imagine the stamina and determination it took to work in places like this.

Oh look, a random statue of Honest Abe.

Again, a "random" wood carving shop near Rushmore.  Some pretty amazing creations.

And then this- the amazing Rushmore.  I was truly impressed- it's high up in the mountains, which adds to the awe-inspiring spot.  I was glad we came here!

Whoops, one more statue- Big Foot!

We are all pretty tired but pushing through.  Spent a lot of time re-organizing the van and cleaning it out.  Getting tired of being in a van!  
Took us …

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