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7,000 Miles in 365 Days or Top Ten Moving Tips

We moved 3 times in 365 days- Florida to Washington State to Massachusetts to Mississippi.  I learned a lot about moving.  We moved with a POD, a moving company and a DIY Uhaul.  A few real and a few funny moving tips from the experience.  There are some practical tips and links are highlighted in bold.

1.  If you've packed all the pots except one, let it be a saucepan. You can boil water for tea and even fry an egg.

2.  Bring a gnome along.  He just makes the scary pile of boxes look better.  Plastic wrap works well to keep bins from falling apart too. Drawing faces on the boxes makes you happy and gives kids a job to do.  

3.  Check with your moving company before they drive down a slippery and snowy road, to see if they will even FIT down the said road. Getting your stuff is nice but if you can't ever leave because they've blocked the entrance and angry neighbors are shouting at them?  Well that's not so nice.  {Note, United (Mayflower) was an amazing company to work…

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