Not much to say

I know I've been a bad blogger. It's just that there hasn't been that much to say lately. Life is busy but it doesn't seem like anything note-worthy has happened. My days are filled with much of the same.

* Shannon is walking . . . so I'm cleaning up huge messes everywhere, as she empties drawers & cupboards and carries things around the house.

* Trying to get re-organized. Going through our house and getting rid of as much as possible, organizing what's left. Trying to stay on top of the paperwork, losing that battle right now.

* We have two new boys- getting them used to the Ranch and dealing with new dynamics in our house of 6 instead of 4.

I'll leave you with a particularly amusing set of photos from last week. I walked into the boy's bedroom and Shannon was INSIDE one of the cupboards. Being the good mom that I am, before I hauled her out, I ran to get my camera.


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