A little about Little

My dear Shannon . . . I haven't written much about her lately, but boy oh boy is she changing! We spent a lot of time together yesterday (okay, well we do that every day I guess) . . . and I was just marveling at this little person.

* She picks up my purse and slings it over her shoulder to carry around the house. Along with necklaces that she finds in my drawer or belts that she puts over her neck and walks around with. How does she know all this already?

* She loves her dad and loves playing hide and seek with him. {I} love listening to the loud giggles coming from her bedroom when they play together.

* She is a 100% nature girl. I love that {we} as a family can sit outside for hours- Shan playing in her new sandbox, soaking in the sun together. When I ask Shan if she wants to go outside, she says "yeah" and runs for the door. Once I open it, she takes off across the yard to go on a walk!

* When she rides in the wagon to check the mail, she hands me the keys to the mailbox {only once we've arrived there.}

I LOVE watching my daughter learn and grow. Such an amazing thing!

One last thing- we don't have "tv" anymore (meaning cable) and Jer and I only watch movies one or two nights a week. SO, that means Shan doesn't see tv much. Well last week I needed to do something, so I put a veggie-tales on, gave Shan a bag of "life cereal" and look at the adorable pictures I got as a result!


Anonymous said…
I love the pics Erika! Caroline doesn't care even a dot about the tv. I'm jelous!

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