Baby is here!

Forest Timothy born at 1:20 pm Monday, 7lbs 3oz and 19 inches. Though after all the poop he's had, I think he was really less than 7lbs, HA!

Quick birth story . . . started feeling some pain Monday morning around 5 but I thought maybe it was just gas pain. Got up at 6 with DH to get the boys ready for the day, started feeling pain stronger, still wasn't sure if maybe I was just tricking myself or having false labor (DD's labor started with my water breaking, so I have no clue what false labor is!). Went to chapel & staff meeting with contrax 5 minutes apart, managed to hide it from everyone.

Got home around 9:30 and started really feeling like it was hard, th
ough they weren't real regular in time apart but were about 40-50 seconds long. At 10 I decided it probably was going to be baby's birthday, so called our boss to arrange care for our boys, called my mom so she could change her ticket and get here (from NY) and called the midwife. She said to call when they got closer to 1 minute or longer in length. By 11:30 I started really having a hard time and told DH to remind me that I could do this . . . was I that much bigger of a whimp this time around? Ended up calling the midwife at noon, said I just felt like I couldn't do it by myself and she said to get over there!

Had contrax the 15 minute ride over (probably 6
of them?). Between walking in the door, putting my stuff down and heading over to the other room for the exam, I had to stop for 3 contrax! She laughed at me and said, yup, this is the way Erika does labor! Checked me and laughed again- said she either forgot how to do an exam or I was 9 cm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was SO happy to hear that, I was so afraid
I just wasn't handling labor well or something ! Went into our room where they started setting up for delivery, had a few more contrax leaning over the couch. They helped me get up on the bed, leaning over pillows on hands & knees. By about 12:50 I was starting to get grunty, started doing little pushes and eventually the midwife broke my water, which felt great! Then baby moved down and whew, the hard work began. Because I wasn't exhuasted I was really aware of all the sensations of his head moving, etc. I pushed until he was just about crowning, then they helped me onto my side, where after a few more contrax he was born at 1:20!

My biggest prayer this whole pregnancy has been for me not to tear and I didn't! Well I had a little skid mark but nothing for stitches. We rested and bonded for our 4 hours and then headed home.

Forest is such an adorable little guy! I love newborns


Anonymous said…
Congratulations kids!
The Choates
Dean said…
beautiful. Can't wait to meet him.
Mindy said…
congrats on your new babe, Erika! hope you're recouperating well! is shannon delighted with forest? Can't wait to see more photos. Take care.
Mom said…
Pioneer Woman is a hoot!!!

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