33 Things for 33 Years

Saturday I turned 33. In honor of this "milestone," I thought I'd give you 33 random things. Wow, this was the hardest post I've ever written. I'm not a very interesting person, pretty routine and boring. But here goes. I wish I had a prize to reward you with for actually reading it! Okay, a few pictures thrown in for a treat!

1. A perfect bedtime snack would be a big glass of whole-chocolate milk!

2. Despite all my groaning about exercise, I was actually a very fast runner in high-school. A sprinter- the 100, 4x100 and 200 M dashes. My 4x100 team actually went to states and came in third!

3. I have PCOS which messes with my sugar regulation. In plain english, that means I think about and crazy sugar all day. Really. The only time I haven't in my life, was the year that I took Metformin. And I thought "wow, this is how normal people think about sugar?"

4. If I wasn't a houseparent, I'd like to have 5 or 6 children! Maybe more.

5. I love to read and read really fast. I have a hard time sitting down to eat unless I'm reading something and can't go to bed without reading.

6. I'd love to be a temp. foster home for babies, once my kids are all grown.

7. I have bunions on my feet and the only shoes that are comfortable are flip-flops or other thong-style shoes. So that's all I wear except during our 2 months of winter, when I grouch around the stores trying to find ONE pair of closed-toe shoes to keep my poor feet warm.

8. I adore my parents and have always had good relationships with them.

9. Favorite sandwich- thick piles of creamy peanut butter and a thick smather of raspberry jam.

10. I never drank caffeine until after Forest was born, now I start the day with a cup of strong tea and have another cup or a Pepsi around lunch-time.

11. On that same note, I've always loved herbal and de-caff. teas. Now I only drink Yorkshire Red Tea. Crazy strong tea, makes even coffee drinkers come to their knees!

12. I like looking up random junk on Etsy to make my friends laugh.

13. I can listen to 10 boys talk all at the same time and answer their questions, without losing my mind.


14. Maybe that last one is debatable?

15. I hate grocery shopping. Why spend money on something that's consumable?

16. I shave my legs every day. Even in the winter. The feeling of scratchy hair makes me want to scream.

17. I really hate texting. But I do it because it's the only way to communicate with some people.

18. I spent my whole childhood playing dress-up and imagination. Until I was 16 years old. Best childhood ever!

19. I like to sleep in the pitch-dark. And I love the feeling when the moon shines on me through the window. Somehow seems like it's God smiling or something.

20. I still miss the feeling of babies wiggling, kicking and poking. Even if they were both such acrobats it was painful!

21. I'm really proud that I was prepared for and did a great job naturally birthing my children.

22. I love photography and have loved taking pictures since I was 10 years old!

23. I sleep on my stomach, with my face flat and smushed into my pillow.

24. When I went to Toccoa Falls College (Georgia), I talked to the first black person ever in my life.

25. I am self-taught at almost anything computer-wise. I follow my instincts and they are usually correct. I still remember learning to use a "green screen" computer back in the day!

26. We didn't have TV growing up, until I was in 5th grade. If it was up to me, I wouldn't have one now, I just don't ever watch anything, have no use for it.

27. I get up 4 minutes before I have to wake the boys up. Get out of bed, throw on clothes, go to the bathroom and walk out my door. I don't even wash my face, nasty, I know.

28. BUT I never, ever go to bed without washing my face and brushing my teeth. Ever.

29. I wanted a baby girl first so badly. And prayed specifically for a "beautiful baby girl" on the "first try." Well since it took me three years to actually ovulate, technically we did get pregnant the first try since it was the ONLY time I ovulated!


30. I love pumpkin spice candles and stock up in the fall to burn them all year.

31. When I'm trying to fall asleep, I make up plans of how I would organize and what I would do if my husband or children died (run straight home to my mom, is the answer).

32. When I walk outside in a parking lot at night, the humidity and smells always remind me of living in Malaysia. And make me feel sad that it was a sad chapter in life.

33. All I wanted to "do" growing up was to a be a wife & mom. I'm thankful that's my job and I have no desire to conquer other parts of the world!

And apparently this is what I look like coming toward my children:


And the closest to a 33 year old picture, as taken by Shannon:



Anonymous said…
I love it Erika!!! You are so special...and I love reading what you write.

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