A new "one"

Well, about a week and a half ago we shared this news with our kids . . .

We've known since January 19th, but were trying to wait as long as possible to tell the kids . . . partly because it was fun to have a secret, partly because we weren't ready to tell the world and partly because 9 months is a long time for little people!

But I was so sick and miserable that day, we decided it was time to tell them so they can at least know why I'm laying on the floor in a heap in their room, HA!  They were thrilled of course!  Shannon has been praying for months and months. She didn't stop talking about it all day, and has continued to each day.  It's so fun to see her experience it like this- when Forest was conceived, she was just 13 months old!  A baby herself.  This time it's something she prayed for and can be a part of.  Forest just stared at my tummy and then said "I think there is a baby in my tummy too."  HA!

Our kids spread the word around the Ranch, which was fun.  It was getting hard to hide the fact that I was close to puking at breakfast and I'm so bloated by dinner that people commented on the "bump." Yikes! 

So anyway!  I'm just about 8 weeks pregnant, due October 1st.  Feeling my usual pregnant symptoms- horribly nauseated all day (I don't usually throw up, just feel on the verge of it) except for about 3 hours in the middle of the afternoon.  And exhaustion. The usual :) 

That's it for today!


Anonymous said…
Woohoo! Yippee! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! Joanne
Doug and Miriam said…
Congratulations! =)

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