Thankful for YOU!

I feel like I'm in one of those strange times of life- insanely overwhelmed by all that is required of me these days and yet I feel like my heart could literally explode with love when I look at the little ones around me.  I'm really thankful for this crew today!

I was going to post about how overwhelmed I've felt lately but I just don't really feel like it.  Three kids, home school and work full-time is kicking my rear end!  There isn't really much I can do about it other than keep pressing on and doing the next thing.  I'm trying to be humble and see what I can eliminate, but there isn't a lot of wiggle room.  Clothes still need to be washed, school taught and food bought.  But I am trying to make good decisions with my time and be careful with each minute.  There is plenty of room for improvement!  I realize the reason I hate being busy is because it requires self-discipline and sacrifice.  Who wants that, right?  Seriously!  Lots of room for me to grow in this season!

Heidi is 2 months old already and up to 10 pounds!  3 1/2 pounds in 2 months . . .not bad!!!  She continues to wake up just once at night, used to be around 3, now she's making it until 4:30 or 5!  A little further and we'll have a whole night . . . can't say I'll know what to do with a baby AND sleep . . . since I've never experienced THAT before!  Her personality is still sweet and peaceful and we've discovered through some trial (screaming) and error that dairy is an issue.  With that gone, the screaming stops, which is nice!

Shannon & Forest continue to be IN LOVE with "baby sister" as they call her.  I'm so glad the novelty hasn't worn off.  It's been pretty smooth sailing in that department, other than Forest almost killing Heidi by flipping the jogging stroller backwards, with Heidi in it!  I'm glad I buckled her in!

School is going well.  We took a break from normal school to do a mini unit all centered around Thanksgiving last week.  That was a refreshing break for both of us, though lots of work to pull together.  We are completely taking this week off (all our local schools are off the whole week too), and my plan was to get December organized.  Not sure how that's going to happen, but it's gotta get squeezed in there somewhere!  Shan's reading continues to come along and she's much happier now that I've changed things up and am alternating 100EZ with "real books."  The look on her face when she realized she could READ books . . . made a world of difference!

Quick brag on Shannon . . . background- her and Forest have been watching Magic School Bus for entertainment and "science."  They use the word "hypothesis" a lot on it and I never thought about it.

So we're at SeaWorld and there are big cashier signs where we are eating and from where we are sitting we can see 2, 4 and 6.  Shannon asks me why they just have 2, 4 and 6 up and then gets quiet.  A few minutes later she says "I have a hypothesis.  On the back of 2 is 1 because 1 comes before 2.  On the back of 4 is 3 because 3 comes before 4.  And on the back of 6 is 5 because 5 comes before 6."  My mouth dropped.  It's always amazing to see just how much they comprehend- the vocabulary of hypothesis and a real grasp of number and their order.  Yup, PROUD mamma here!

Our cottage went from 3 to 5 boys in the last month.  And the admitting of those two boys sandwiched the death of Jeremiah's dad and his 4 day trip to PA.  So our stress level increased a lot this month.  I won't lie, it's been a HARD month.  These five boys are harder than many groups of ten that we've had.  We don't have a single solid kid or one we can count on AT ALL.  It's rough.  I know we'll make it, but whew!  Thank God for breaks!  **And before I could hit publish, I got word that our toughest boy (the one who never, ever obeys) lost his Grandmother tonight.  But not just his grandmother- she has raised him since he was removed from his mother's (lack of) care at 4 months old.  We knew her health was poor and expected it, but no one expected it this weekend . . .a couple months maybe.  I can't even imagine the hurt in his heart today.  His dad lives with them, but it's not necessarily a good thing.  Pray for this hurting, broken child.

Coming up . . . the month of December.


Hey, my friend! Doing a little catch-up today, and so enjoyed reading this post. Your little pumpkin heads are just precious! I know your life is insanely busy, but I know you have your priorities in the right place, and it blesses ME to hear how your children are growing and learning! You inspire me!

Heidi is so so sweet. Wohoo for such a good sleeper and for her doting siblings. Just the way it should be.

What a great idea to do a Thanksgiving unit! You always come up with the coolest ideas for school :) The hypothesis story cracked me up. Smart!

Praying for your boys, especially the one.

LOVE! Hope we can chat soon!

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