Long time, no blog . . .I know, I know!  Sometimes I feel like there is so much to say, I don't know where to begin!  But in the interest of time, let's just jump in!

Kids . . .
Shannon- Doing really well with her school work.  We took a week off for Grandparent visit and had a sick day today, but we're moving along.  I'm learning lots about . . .myself . . . how to do this "home school" thing . . . and how to organize my time.  Lots of learning in this area over the next {too many} years I suppose!   We are working through some issues with friends (sharing them) and on controlling our tongue when angry.  She continues to enjoy gymnastics and we had to have the conversation with her coach, saying "no, we don't want to move her to team competition."  While it's flattering that our kid is doing well, we aren't ready to put a 6 year old in the gym for SIX hours a week . . . not gonna happen, no way!  She decided to learn to ride her bike without training wheels . . .we took the wheels off, she got on and road across the yard!  I guess the balance she's learning in the gym is paying off!

Forest- Wow, this kid . . .  my dad summed it up when he came to visit, "does he EVER stop talking?"  My answer . . . . no.  In fact we were driving the other day and he was quiet for two minutes, I almost thought we had forgotten him.  We are working on controlling our emotions (isn't every 4 year old?), not talking when other people are and other lovely lessons like that.  Honestly, this boy wears me out some days!  I've worked with boys for 13 years but whew!  I feel sorry for his kindergarten teacher!  Oh wait, that's me!  He is a darling, really, just a boy too!  He asked to have his training wheels off this week (which is what spurred Shannon on).  He is doing well, but won't stop bouncing his body around while riding, so it's going to take a while to get the balance thing. Unfortunately, once he gets the balance, he'll be leaping off buildings and such since he is so wild on that thing.  Heaven help me!  (Typical Forest picture- Hey mom, look at the parrot on Heidi's head!!!)

Heidi-  Ahhh, the ease of life that comes with 4 months!  She can sit and play with toys, gas doesn't bother her as much and the car doesn't make her scream!  In fact, she fell asleep in the car for the first time yesterday!  Oh and she has a TOOTH!  What in the world????  Crazy kid, doesn't she know 4 months is too early!?!?!  Actually she'll be 5 months next week, but she got the tooth two weeks ago.  Anyway, she is a sweet, sweet baby.  Our love bug!  Shannon and Forest continue to be thrilled and awed by her every, single move and coo.  Oh and the delightful shouts and yells she is learning to do!  She rolls and scoots around and delights everyone with her beautiful eyes and lovely smiles.

Work- Is hard, hard, hard!  We went from three boys to six boys and are getting number seven on Sunday.  And it's hard.  Really hard.  One of the hardest years we've had . . . since we can't remember when.  I find myself fighting lots of internal battles . . . little frustrations that come up and I have to find ways to deal with.  Like what parent allows their ten year old to be on FOUR major psychotropic medications??  I know they are overwhelmed and the kid is completely out of control at home, but to fill these tiny bodies with such powerful and mind (and body) altering drugs?  ACK!  I can get really upset and worked up if I let myself. It's a fine line between caring and praying and shutting that part out so I don't get upset.  Hard to deal with things I can't always do anything about. Thankfully some parents are open to our suggestions to wean them off, while in a protected place.  Other parents though are literally living in TERROR of the "horrible" things they think their child might do should we even think about lowering a dosage. So sad.  Anyway, just one of the many issues we deal with on a daily basis . . . times multiple kids. If you think of us, pray for us and our disaster of a cottage!

Well this is long, but at least that's a few little updates for ya!   I feel little stretches, little reminders to be prepared for the future, to be ready for what God asks of us.  I have NO clue what that may be but I feel urged to "be ready."  Trying to get exercise back into my day more often, working on revamping our eating habits, continuing to sharpen our spending habits, getting our family more functional and organized, etc.  I want to BE ready for whatever he asks, not have excuses like "we are too tired" or "we aren't organized enough."  Our world is SO hurting and SO broken, I want to be here and be used!


Anonymous said…
you do such a great job of expressing yourself, I always enjoy reading...love you daughter!!!
Whoa, I am super impressed with Shannon's gymnastic abilities! Totally get why you aren't pursuing that, but you must be one proud momma! And no training wheels?! Way to go! Umm, Landon hasn't really learned to ride a bike yet. We borrowed one last summer, but the training wheels just weren't even no matter what we did, and it really threw him in learning balance. I think we might need to just buy bikes for the kids this summer!

Aha .. had to laugh about the kindergarten teacher comment. I always love hearing about Forest's personality!

Mmm .. 4 months IS a great age! She is such a doll baby. Glad things are going so smoothly with your little miss. And that is SO early to get a tooth!

Praying for you as you carry out your duties on the Ranch. I think my mouth fell open too when you mentioned the medications. I'm glad you've been able to talk to some parents about that sort of thing, but I also can't imagine trying to really train a boy who is being influenced by so many things out of his control.

I totally think preparations for the future might be moving up North. Just saying :)

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