Pressing on

I wish I knew best how to share . . . ladies . . . it would be so much easier if you would just come visit and we could chat!!!!!!!!!!!!  Every single one of you . . . a cup of tea and swinging on my front swing under the big oaks?  Or relaxing on my back swing, listening to my new fountain bubbling and seeing the sun sparkling on the lake?  I dream . . . if I could have one wish, it would be for my friends- YOU to be close!

Instead you're not and here I sit in my darkened room (Heidi just went back to sleep in the other corner, again), staring at my glowing screen and listening to the computer hum loudly.  I look past the mountain of things on the desk that scream to be finished- letters to write, papers to file, camera to charge, napkin and bowls to return to the kitchen, washi tape waiting to be used . . .

I'm walking through a journey with God, fighting against the call to be disciplined, self-controlled.  Right now my "self" is screaming- it wants to stay up late reading and doing whatever I FEEL like doing.  To eat anything I want to eat (be SO thankful you don't live where you get huge donations of junk food daily).  To never stress my body with exercise.  It wants me to forget the dishes that need to be done before bed and ignore the school activities that should be prepped.  I want to be selfish and lazy.

And yet, something inside, that spark of life from God, reminds me that I wouldn't truly feel good doing all that.  It would be temporary.  But wow, it sure is hard to do the right thing day after day.  I'm super good at short-term changes and things, but long term is so hard.

We are in our final push of the year.  Eight weeks or so until vacation and mountains to cross before then.  We are dealing with some pretty huge things in our cottage.  We're tired and worn out- emotionally, physically, mentally.  Like most staff, we are ready for a break NOW and have to push on through until June.  I'm in the final push of finishing our Kindergarten year WELL.  Wrapping up some things, planning out the rest of first grade and figuring out how to squeeze my eager to learn boy into the mix.  And on and on.

I'm feeling the urge to get my Bible out more, to be more tuned in to the truth, to keep my mind fixed on things above NOT on earthly things.  We're gonna make it ladies, we're gonna make it.  And if by chance you find yourself in Orlando, let's have tea and sit on the swing!!!!!!!

I leave you with baby doll.

Edited . . . after I wrote this, I went to wash the dishes (joyous occasion, I know).  And I was reminded of a verse I memorized 14+ years ago in college . . . it was what I needed and hopefully is an encouragement to you, too.  Wow- we are being trained by our discipline . . . and it brings righteousness and peace!  What more could we long for and work for????

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.  Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.  Hebrews 12:11


Setapart1979 said…
I am with you friend. And that verse is a continual prayer of mine... to be trained by it & the peaceable fruit of righteousness that results. Praying for you in this too dear friend. Cup of tea sounds & a chat sounds just about right!! Your littlest lady is so precious & girl you rocked the prom shoot you shared in your last post!
Anonymous said…
love the verse on discipline, trying to make a push to loose the "rest" of the weight before my subscription runs out in May to weight watchers, it's about every single day making the right choice instead of the one that feels good!!! love Mom
A visit sounds lovely. The mental picture was perfect! Someday!

Oh, those seasons of pruning are tough!! Self-control has always been a struggle of mine. I've given myself a lot of grace being pregnant right now, and obviously I will for a little bit after the baby is born. However, I do long to be better structured in my day and to have more control over my body. Your fight is an encouragement to me. Keep at it, my friend!

8 weeks! That's not too much longer! Almost what I have left of this pregnancy :) Praying you can get everything accomplished and that you'll not just survive, but thrive through it all!

Beautiful girl .. and great verse!

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