Rest for the Weary Soul

I think I could type for hours . . . I had a post started a couple weeks ago, in the midst of LIFE at its fullest.  The final weeks of school are always intense and this year was no exception.  By June 5th, I felt like I was dragging my body from place to place . . . and by June 12th it was like watching a horror movie of my life.

I was completely and 100% exhausted, then I got another cold (perhaps from being exhausted, do ya think?).  The last week with our boys was just stepping from moment to moment, doing the minimum to survive.  (My dear friend Janet wrote a great post on life in survival mode- because, let's face it, there certainly ARE times when we simply have to survive, not thrive.).

And then the boys left on June 19th.  And I began to breathe.  And then on Tuesday we arrived at my mom and dad's house in NY.  And I was able to take full breaths of air again.

Today it's Friday and I feel a million times better.  These three days have been that balm for my soul.  Wednesday it rained all day and we just relaxed inside.  Yesterday was a beach day, followed by an overnight camping trip with the grandparents, while Heidi and I returned home alone.

This morning Heidi got up at 5:30 and in the quiet of the morning I realized I didn't HAVE to do anything.  Not only that, but there wasn't much FOR me to do.  At 6:30 we headed out on a fantastic two mile walk.

THIS is what I need- to have nothing that requires being done.  And nothing really TO do.  I'm not good at "not doing."  Part of being a mom- there is always that requires some attention.  I have a hard time just sitting around when I'm at home.  I don't do that, ever.  But here on vacation?  No projects, no organizing, nothing.  Doing my laundry is a novelty because it is something to do.

I'm so extraordinarily grateful for this time to be away and to have my soul refreshed.


Setapart1979 said…
It was so nice to read this friend. I was praying for you throughout the closing of this season at the ranch & reading this post was so glad for this light at the end of the tunnel for awhile to recharge. A breath of fresh air indeed. Hugs & prayers!

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