Hey Lovelies!

Hey Lovelies!  Thanks for all the sweet words last week . . . but I really would NOT be a good mom if I had to work 8-5.  Nope!  I am "man enough" to admit I would just totally stink and my kids would be in the Ranch.  HA!  Gives me great appreciation for the strengths he puts in other women, to give them the strength and grace to do the job they need to.

As for me, thank you Jesus that I work . . . . but in the home!

Speaking of . . . this has probably been our best week since vacation.  It's calmed down in some ways (last week was nuts, through and through).  In other ways it's still like a zoo around here . . . not only do we have three new boys (training, training, training) but we are training a new couple.  They happen to have three little boys, so I believe the total in our house tonight was 18!  Eeek!  That has to be a fire code violation, ha!  And Jeremiahs' mom is en route to the Ranch as I type.

We are praying for a good visit for her.  There are many complications in the relationship, but since she is largely alone after the death of Jer's dad, we wanted to fly her here for a visit.  I'm sure she will have a great time with the kids and will enjoy seeing them in their "native habitat," as well as getting away from home for a bit.

School has gone great this week, kids are really enjoying the new scheduling tool I put into place.  It's also eliminated a lot of questions and potential complaints, since "if it's on the chart, we do it."  Hoping to keep momentum going with Jer's mom here.  I'm thankful for you home school friends, by the way!  I have a few "real life" friends around, but a few of them are more of the "they don't need to learn anything other than ABCs and how to write their name until they are 10" variety.  While I agree that little kids need more time to play, I still think they need to be learning certain things at this age!  So I'm thankful for you friends, who challenge me with good ideas and encourage me by watching your diligence with your littles!

That's my quick update for now . . . I leave you with this stare-down from my just-turned 11 month old!  Eeek!


Anonymous said…
I know how you struggled at times with school this year...bravo for sticking with it!!! The proof is in the pudding, Shannon is reading, counting and writing!!! Can Forest be far behind??? I miss you guys, it was so nice to wake up knowing you were all in the next room. Thanks for the opportunity to spend two weeks with them. love you, Mom
Hope your day has gone well for you :) I've been thinking about you! I never actually asked how the visit went .. hope it was a huge success!
I SO appreciate your sweet encouragement as well. We're in this together :)
How is your girl almost a year old????

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