FIVE years with Forest

Five years ago . . . . 

my boy came into this world!  Without a lot of drama or nonsense, he came.  You can never fully have an idea how a little person will change your life.

Forest Timothy

My fall pumpkin.

My little go-go!

chubby cheeked, squishy leg boy!

My train-loving boy . . . before he was even old enough that he should know what trains are!

Yup, loves the trains!

Loves cars . . . anything that moves!

My #1 destructo!

Have I mentioned cars?

My nature boy!

My goofy boy!

My "I don't want to eat meat because I don't want to get a heart attack" boy!

Train loving boy!

Amazing big brother- sweet and caring and gentle.

Goofy . . . have I mentioned goofy?

And messy and muddy and messy!

Careful and methodical, creative and unique.

I sure am thankful for FIVE years with these inquisitive and wondering blue eyes.  Forest keeps me praying and wondering, laughing and shaking my head.  And that's usually just in the first five minutes of being awake each day.  I love you Forest, foo-boo!


Anonymous said…
oh what beautiful pictures of that sweet boy!! You have really captured his personality in photo's!!! Looking forward to my week with all of you. love Mom
I REMEMBER when you posted so many of these pictures!!! Where has the time gone? I adore your boy's blue eyes and freckles. He has the best personality! Happy 5 years of having your world rocked by your little man :)

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