Marching into March

Well it would appear I have fallen off the blogging planet . . . I have a hard time finishing a post, because of time . . . and so then I never actually get anything published.  Today, I will,  no matter how unfinished.

All in all, life is GOOD around here.  Good does NOT mean easy but it does mean we are fed, clothed and loved.  We have been . . .

creating with playdoh

Enjoying some warm weather (alternating with cold) and trying out new playgrounds!

Birthday parties for friends and American girl dolls (and copy-cat Heidi who wasn't invivted!).

Legos, legos and more legos . . .

 The first warm day we had, we dashed to the beach!

School is plugging away.  We have our weeks where it is super easy to sit down and do our work.  And other weeks where it seems a challenge and a matter of discipline, for teacher and students!  Forest has decided he is "ready" for Kindy work, so I'm enjoying the flexibility of homeschool and starting him.  We are starting super easy and light.  Keeping Heidi occupied is a daily challenge.

Our boys!  We had quite a drastic change from 8 to 5, between December and the first week of January.  All three losses were VERY unexpected and completely out of our control.  None had good resolution or good-byes, reminds us how short our time with each boy can be.  We got a new guy last week and are getting ready to get two more within the next two weeks, EEK!  I think training new kids is probably the hardest part of the job, after this many years.  Remembering all the new things to teach, learning a new personality (which often includes respect and authority issues), etc.  I'll be glad when they are in, trained and life settles down.

I guess that's about it for today!  As promised, proof that we live . . . Love!


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