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Hello Friends!  I was going to do a catch-up post with random pictures and this still may turn into that.  But on my mind so much lately is the need for kids to have families.  How sad is a world filled with kids who just want someone to lovingly tuck them into bed at night?  I know I'm preaching to the choir- I know most of my dearest friends have hearts for the orphans too.  I just need to get it off my chest.

My parent's process of adoption continues . . . .the US Embassy in Ethiopia has things at a standstill at this point. They need to finish "verifying" the kids' orphan status (Despite having already done so for the other three kids in the family) and nothing has been done about it in over a month. Once this is done (seriously, should take someone having a meeting and be done in an hour), they receive the final paperwork they need and can get a court date!  And go get their little girls!!  Pray pray pray!

This is Cindy, the mom adopting the other three, with Musteryia, age 5.

Musteryia and Flower (9)

The girls have three siblings who have been adopted by another family at the same church.  They are Restem (15 boy), Emane (11 girl) and Anthonia (7 boy).  Joyfully, they are home today!  I can't imagine what shock these kids must be in.  They've been getting to know their adoptive parents for the past three weeks, while they've been in Ethiopia with them, but now they have flown to Central NY (in winter no less) and suddenly have a whole new world to learn.  Many prayers needed for them.  Here they are with their new brother (also an adopted kid!).

Welcome to America!

My heart just hurts for all the ones left behind.  For all the ones in our own country needing families.  For the one IN MY OWN HOUSE who needs a family.  A mom to be his advocate and defender, his comforter and one who showers him with kisses.  Who disciplines in a stern yet loving way.  

I've done an awful lot of begging and appealing to God lately.  Trying to patiently and yet filled with faith, wait for him to answer in powerful ways.  

In the mean time- life is full and good here! I've been fighting a chest cold for a week.  We've been trying to be very diligent and disciplined with school work.  Boys have been a challenge this month, just some hard things to work through and to know how to deal with.  But January is at an end and February is here!  Bring on the love!

New year!  Goals have to do with Bible reading (and copying verses) and learning Lightroom.

This was dropped off at the Ranch and both my kids and Ranchers are enjoying!

Enjoying some pre-lunch hiking into our back yard wilds!

Some "school" work from Forest.

Trying to stay warm on some cold Florida days.  BRRRR!

We have an extra family member on Sunday afternoons!

Thanks Uncle Dean for really cool gifts from Africa!

One of my boys requested a minecraft cake.  

Sweet Sisters!

Working on a read-aloud challenge and got some new books.

This one lost a first tooth!

Another Sunday adventure- introducing him to things like FIVE GUYS!  

This one wore this dress for over a week straight. 

A peek into my life . . . "make sure you check your bed and put the pillow on it."  "Yes Ma'me."  
Does it look like he listened and obeyed?

Suddenly it was in the mid 60's and we burst outside!

"We are starting a pet store.  And we won't ever give up."

I was paid for one of my photo-shoots with a Target card . . . and so I splurged on new things for the kitchen.  New dishtowels, new drying mat, new drying rack.  Things that look nice but weren't "necessities" and I'm too stingy to ordinarily buy.

Secret Agent Shannon turned 8!

And a little sass going on here :)  In a good way!  (Note:  still in princess dress)

So if you made it this far . . . all in all, moving on!  I have a lot on my heart- praying about it and waiting to see where God moves with things.  Love!


I love seeing those sweet faces with their new parents! I have been praying for all five of those kiddos!!! Thank you, thank you for the updates. I am just blown away every time I think about these older couples taking these orphans in and loving them to pieces. And I love that they get to be close together!
I need an update on your bonus boy sometime! I think and pray for him too! Glad you introduced him to Five Guys :) Totally the best!
Great splurges! For fun shopping in Target is one of my favorite past times .. that happens like once every two years, haha.
Love Shannon's theme! How is she 8?! Almost Landon's turn! Sob!
Also, Heidi is HUGE. And adorable!
Love your heart, Erika.
Anonymous said…
great update!!!! Thanks for advocating for our girls and all the other orphans around the world. So many years I never even knew they existed.

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