Hello There!

Thanks to my friend Melissa for a fun reminder that I don't have to wait until I have piles to write or time to be thoughtful. . . so a fun update time.  In randomness.

WHAT WE'RE EATING THIS WEEK- Pantry clean-up creativeness this week since grocery day is Friday.  Chicken curry with rice or noodles is a family favorite.  And lots of veggies- trying to get our numbers up there.  Kids love chopped up cucumbers (Aldi has some really good tasting small "English" ones), bell peppers and carrots.  Naval oranges are on sale this time of year, so lots of them too!

WHAT I'M REMINISCING ABOUT- Hmm.  Heidi as a baby I suppose.  Some really cute pictures of her popped up on my Facebook "timehop" and that combined with new Ranch babies makes me nostalgic.  I'm glad to be out of baby stage (so weird to say that and realize it's true . . . ) but if I could push a button and hold my baby for an hour or two?  I'd do it in a heartbeat.

WHAT I'M LOVING- Wearing my boots every day!  Warm temps will be here soon and time to pack away the scarfs and boots.  Enjoying them a lot now.  Coconut oil for dry and chapped hands.  Carrot juice to quench thirst and make me feel healthy.

WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO- Normal school days.  Working on diligence and discipline.  Lots of indoors time with cooler temperatures.

WHAT I'M DREADING- Can't really think of anything though there must be something!

WHAT I'M WORKING ON- Cleaning out and purging our house. For the last month, I've just felt this huge push or need (but no idea why) to downsize and clean out and simplify.  More than I normally do!  So I've been using the tiny blocks of time here and there to empty drawers, shelves, baskets, etc.  Cleaned out our side yard and the "boys toys" - threw out piles of plastic junk, nerf guns that were broken, etc.  Feels so good and makes me want to get to more!

WHAT I'M EXCITED ABOUT- Two new babies here at the Ranch this week and I get to do baby pictures!!!!  And then practice my lightroom skills!  Summer vacation!!!!  Okay, that's many months away but we all look forward to it so much!

WHAT I'M WATCHING/READING- Not a tv or movie person, but often Jer watches before bed and I half pay attention.  We are watching The Office.  Again.  Reading goes in spurts for me, depending on tiredness.  But I've been keeping up with my Bible reading and really being diligent with that.  Loving Sally Clarkson's newest book "The Lifegiving Home" and working slowly through her "Own Your Life" book.  Also slowly reading "The Fringe Hours."

WHAT I'M LISTENING TO- Not much.  I find the older I get, the more I need a break from the constant noise.  So instead of turning on music, I turn it off and let my ears ring in silence.  3 kids plus 6 boys does not equal much quiet.

WHAT I'M WEARING- Jeans and a comfy purple shirt.  3/4 sleeves because after a month of "winter," I'm feeling claustrophobic in all those clothes!  Yes, I'm turning into a Florida wimp!

WHAT I'M DOING THIS WEEKEND- Working!  48 hour stretch with the boys.  Groups for lunch and dinner.  Hopefully it will feel warm enough to enjoy being outside rather than being miserable outside!


WHAT ELSE IS NEW- Not much.  Feeling very heavy burdened for my parents and their girls who need a family.  For my little guy who needs a mom to advocate for him and love him and teach him.  Things that are starting to feel hopeless.  I have a bracelet that says "never lose HOPE" and I'm wearing it for this month of lent, as a reminder to pray for those two things and one other big prayer request I have.  Praying to not lose hope and for visible answers!


Setapart1979 said…
I always enjoy reading your posts. Everytime you do I get a new "picture" of what your days look like, a deeper appreciation for all the unique joys & challenges of the ranch & I have more respect for your perseverance & day-to-day walk with the Lord through your work & family life! Praying along with you for all your "never lose hope" prayer requests.

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