Trading Flip Flops for Winter Boots

Our family is moving to Washington State!!!!

Ok there is the news . . . now let me explain.

Jeremiah has been hired as the Adventure Program Director at the Double K  Retreat and Adventure Center.  He is going to be leading rafting, climbing, exploring trips of all kinds- exposing people to the beauty of God's creation and sharing the gospel at the same time.  He will be working to build and grow the program alongside the couple who are currently sharing the Director position of the camp.  They have spent their lives in ministry including starting and running outdoor adventure programs.  We are so excited to learn from them and work alongside them.  It's an amazing blend of Jeremiah's many outdoor skills (and you know all the adventures he's been on) and his many years in ministry and working with kids.  Now he gets to put them together.

I'll be privileged to be able to focus more on home, home school and supporting Jeremiah.  I'll find ways to help, of course, and be able to pitch in where I'm gifted- without the pressure of working full-time.

We will be living about 2 hours east of Seattle, just over the cascade mountain pass.  Evergreen trees, wildflowers, wild animals and nature everywhere.

We are trading our busy city life for a quiet town of a few hundred.
Trading 11 Walmarts within 10 miles for the nearest Walmart at 73 miles away!
Flip flops for snow-boots (and may I look this cute in boots??)

Of course it is very bitter-sweet pile of emotions going on over here.  The Ranch has been our home for 15 years.  It's where we have "grown up" and matured- from young and newly married to "not as young" and parents of three.  We've made mistakes, messed up, built deep friendships and relationships and learned how to live a life of full-time ministry.  It will be with many, many (many) tears that we leave and say good-bye.  Our kids are  feeling the same emotions.  Shannon has had an amazing year of dance and that will be her hardest goodbye.  Forest is excited about all the nature.  And Heidi? Well she just kept complaining the whole conversation about being hungry and why was Shannon still crying?  While she's a Florida baby now, she'll never really remember Florida when she's grown.

We will be sharing more in the coming weeks, but that's the big news.  A few dates for those interested:

June 9- Last day with our Ranch boys.
June 15 - Last work day and tentative "pull out date"
June 18-26 - Visit PA family and friends
June 26- July 5- Visit NY friends and family
Then we head out across the country, hoping to arrive in WA around the 10th.  Of course this is still a working schedule but for those of you especially in PA and NY, we hope to see you and catch up then!

A few pictures from the property, right around the corner from our actual house.  Can you picture how many times a day I'll be dragging Forest out of the creek?


Giuseppe Karl said…
A new adventure with God! Hallelujah! (From Caramia)

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