On the road again . . .

**  Warning- random pictures thrown into this post just for visual appeal. **

For those of you that just want the main point . . .

We're moving.  To Massachusetts.  In January.  

Now that you've picked yourself up off the floor, want the story?

As many of you know, things have been very challenging since arriving here- mainly due to funding and vision.  There is not the funding for our position.   Secondly, there is a drastic difference in the vision as presented and the vision as reality.  We were under the understanding there was an adventure program that we would be growing and building on, working from here at camp to reach kids and families for Christ.  The reality is that they want someone to start a rafting business, that will be based in Oregon for the adventure program.  That's not our gifting, passion or skill set.  As this all became clear, you can imagine the stress of  "now what do we do?"  We moved so far, away from all our friends and family and support system.  How in the world are we going to support our family and where are we going to go?

But God.  After exploring every possible option we could find, only one remained.  Jer received a call from an organization in Long Island, in October.  They invited both Jer and I to fly out for a 4 day meet, greet and interview.  My "one friend" out here agreed cheerfully and joyfully to keep my kids AND dog . . . and off we went on an overnight flight to NY.  Can you imagine agreeing to babysit someone else's three kids (with four of your own) for five days?  She's pretty much amazing!  We had a great visit, getting to know the organization and being really well taken care of (beautiful hospitality house they put us up in, gave us their fancy black suburban to test drive around and feeding us great meals).  Rather than me describe the mission and history, check out their links and videos.

Timothy Hill

Great mission, history and work going on working with young people who need a second chance- not so different from the Ranch in Florida.  One thing became apparent to us over our visit though- we love and support the mission, but we love working together, and we want our kids to be able to be a part of ministry with us.  So how could we fit in there?  It was clear to the people we met and us, that our fit would be working at their Retreat center in Massachusetts (they also have a camp in Tennessee).  A week after getting home we got the phone call and within two weeks the details were coming together for us to accept the position.  Jer will be working to assist the director of the Norwich Lake Retreat center- doing a little of everything to help grow and run the work there.  Again, check out the website for information.

Retreat at Norwich Lake

So . . . we are sad and excited, relieved and scared, disappointed and encouraged.  All at the same time on some days.  We love Washington and were so excited to put down new roots here.  We've met some great people at church, enjoyed getting to know the area and of course the scenery.  Moving 3000 miles back across the USA was never, ever in our vision or ideas or dreams.  But sometimes life is like that, isn't it?

We are still working out all the logistics of getting our whole family and belongings and dog across the country (in the middle of winter).  And will update here when we have them all figured out.  But basically we will be arriving in MA in mid-January.

Thank you for prayers and texts or emails of encouragement.  This has been the hardest 6 months of our married life- and the reality of another move and adjustment is overwhelming at times.  Much love.


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