My Funny Girl

So I've never taught Shannon any sign language, because it's always been very clear what she wants. Even other people mention that they are amazed at how well she communicates. Well about two weeks ago now, Shannon wanted the highlighters in the desk (what she normally does when I'm typing on here). She was whining, so I did a sign for please . . . . and she did it back! Okay, so now we do please. She learned it so instantly, I decided to teach her thank you. She's done "more" for a long time . . . but I never taught her, so we decided to actually USE it. And I taught her a sign for nursing.

Funny Story . . .

I was laying on the couch last week. Shan picked up a bag of chips and carried it over to me. She did the sign for please. She did the sign for thank you. She did the sign for more. She was so desparate I had to give her one, HA!

When she really wants something, she will start with please and go through all her signs, like "OKAY Mom! What sign do you want me to use!?!?!" I love it!

She's a busy little thing these days- reads a lot, in fact I think she spends more time reading her books than playing with toys!

Here's a cute picture from Easter. More are on my facebook.


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