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Good morning! Our boys leave in 2 weeks and 2 days . . . not that anyone around here is counting :) Kids are excited to go home and be with their families, I'm excited to be ON VACATION from real life and Jer is excited to go on his trip of a lifetime! I'm trying to stay busy around here, because I should have my ultrasound (gender test, HA) within the week!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited about it . . . most of you can understand that!

I have some fun gardening projects going on- my tomatoes are ripe (well a few each day). Our houses are being painted, so we have to rip a bunch of bushes out, which has given me lots of landscaping potential! Wahoo! Hopefully I won't feel too huge and bulky when we get back from vacation to do some work on it.

A few questions out of curiosity.

How many friends in real life do you have, who actually share your same (or very similar) parenting values/styles/etc.? I am discovering less and less in common with those around me. It's fine as far as we don't have conflicts or anything but I don't have anyone to just sit down and chat about it with. As I thought about this, it made me wonder how common that was or if most of you have people around to talk about it with.

How important is it to you, if you read parenting books, that the author actually has experience working with children and some kind of degree in child development? Or is simply "being a Christian" good enough?

Has anyone ever made watermelon gazpacho? I see these recipes all the time and we often have lots of free watermelon but I'm scared to make it!

Have a great day!


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