Whew, where do I begin? This has been a long and hard month . . . but the work is mostly over and now it's time for FOUR weeks of vacation! Let's see what there is to say . . .

* Boys finished up their year. It was a hard finish, since we had mostly newer kids . . . behavior wasn't really in check yet. We only said "good-bye" to two of them, as the rest will be joining us again next year and out of those eight, seven will probably be back in our house. I was ready to have them leave . . . I need a break to get refreshed and a new perspective. Distance makes the heart grow fonder in this case.

* Jer finished his training, got all packed up and is actually in Dallas right now, waiting for his flight to Alaska! This is a once in a lifetime trip and I'm so excited for him. Lots of people have asked (naturally) if I'm afraid. The answer is NO for two reasons:

1. He is going with an amazing group. They have a crazy track record for excellence and safety on the mountain. They would rather avoid going to the summit if conditions are dangerous because you can't try the mountain again if you are dead, but you can try it again if you don't make it.

2. A freak accident could happen anywhere . . . here in Orlando or lying at home in bed. I would much rather LIVE life, try new things and experiences than live in fear of death. Of course he better come back, but if he has to die early, I'd rather it be doing something he loved passionately. God knows when his time is up and staying home and being boring won't prevent that.

So I follow and support with great excitement- not just for this trip but for how God is going to use it with future plans and dreams.

* Shannon is an amazing little girl that I continue to watch with delight and joy. She talks NON-STOP. Like really. To the point that other people say "wow, she sure talks a lot." I think I'm in trouble :) Maybe that's what I get for being a non-stop talker, haha!

* Me . . . like I mentioned, this was a hard month. Emotionally I was out of it. Physically, my back has really hurt whenever I have long days. Pregnancy just seems to be really hard on that part of my body. And I've started not being able to sleep at night, blech. BUT I feel baby boy moving a lot and can even watch my belly bouncing around now! LOVE that part of pregnancy!

Now we're doing some cleaning up around the house, moving some furniture in preparation for baby and packing for NY! Yup, Tuesday I leave for THREE glorious weeks in NY with my family . . . I can't wait, it's going to be awesome! Today is haircut for me, visit with a friend . . . tomorrow is flea market (hopefully find a new umbrella stroller that doesn't look like I got it out of the dumpster) . . . Monday is pack & visit another friend! Waahooo!! I'll leave you with my BEAUTIFUL daughter :)


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