I have had SO much on my mind lately, so many things I want to say . . . and so I end up NOT posting because I feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Oh and I can't post without pictures anymore and my camera battery is dead (and I think I left the charger in NY . . . ) so I keep putting it off. Not anymore. I'll post some of Jer's mountain pictures for you!

Anyway! Where to begin?

I have been feeling pretty inspired lately, from a variety of sources. I didn't spend much time on the internet in NY but did find some really awesome blogs inspiring in crafty type areas. As I look forward in 3 or so years to homeschooling Shannon, I've been enjoying a lot of homeschooling blogs. And I love people who blog about creative and sensory things to do with their kids. I've been trying to incorporate more into our lives and have some really (REALLY) fun ideas up my sleeve for when our lives go back to "normal" schedule. Check out some of these when you have time:

Hybrid Chick - This is mainly a "digital to paper" crafting type blog. But the ideas are easily translatable to just paper, if you are so inclined. I made the "freedom" banner for Jer (thanks to Julia for the idea "you're the man") and pictures will come when my camera works . . .

The Write Start - WARNING: Do not go here if you do not want a zillion fun ideas to fill your head! Oh my! All of her ideas center around the idea of making writing/learning letters/reading fun, exciting and a part of normal life, instead of a "chore" or a "job" to be learned at school. Wow. If ever I was excited to have a 4-5 year old, this blog stirs that.

Chasing Cheerios - A fun home-learning/crafty-project blog. (A lot of these are Montessori focused, but ideas are ideas, crafts are crafts . . . you don't have to "subscribe" to an idea or ideology to do them)

By Sun and Candlelight - Wow, she's the "home learning goddess." No really. It's amazing what she does. Organized, yet full of amazing and fun ideas. I LOVE the idea that so much of what they learn is centered around nature and what God has created. Her ideas for seasons blow me out of the water, and she has more links to books/resources than you could ever know what to do with. Don't even get started clicking on the list of other blogs on the bottom left, you'll never get anything done!!!! I gleaned a few fun things from her already, such as setting up a seasonal table in our cottage. I already decorate for the seasons, but I'd like to throw a few more seasonal activities and things in there.

Okay, I'll stop there . . . . let me just say "reader beware." So much inspiration and fun ideas out there!

Challenged to be a better wife & mother. Wife- in the practical sense. I've been trying to work harder at making the most of our food budget- for me this means planning ahead (I really struggle to think about food in the way that is necessary to be a good wife . . . ahead of time.) I've been trying to read my cookbooks more, use up what's in the freezer/pantry and try out new things. Oh yeah and I finally got myself over to our new Aldi foodstore and was pleasantly rewarded with an EMPTY, clean and bright store. Oh yeah and amazing imported German chocolate for pennies!

I'm particularly feeling pleased tonight . . . Jer took Shannon to the library and I cooked a yummy dinner . . . used up freezer veggies, pantry veggies and other "stuff" we had on hand to make yummy Thai stir-fry. Then I pulled out all the ingredients for tomorrow's dinner. We have training ALL day tomorrow and I know when we get home I'll be tired, cranky and hungry. I found another fun blog (A Year of Slow Cooking) and found a recipe to try out (more on that tomorrow if it's good). AND I pulled out the ingredients to make baked oatmeal for breakfast.

That's only one day but it's a start. I've been trying to be more thoughtful about making sure other things are done around the house, more consistently instead of so sporadically. Feeling good about the changes and the way it affects the family.

In the Mom-sense . . . really focusing on being patient and enjoying what that means for Shannon. For example, she "helps" with laundry and hands me each item to fold . . . one.at.a.time. Yes, it means it takes forever to fold laundry (we put it in the washer/dryer the same way too) but I know it's a good learning tool for her. Letting her walk to the mailbox herself . . . instead of taking her independence away by strapping her in the stroller "because it's faster." (There are definately times for this, I'm not saying that I never do . . . but I'm trying to really be aware of when it's me being selfish, etc.) Letting her stir the flour and water to make play-doh . . . even though it means the table, floor and her are COVERED with flour and mushy mess . . . she sure had a wonderful time. I really want to seize the chances I have to just let her learn and play while I can. Especially before baby brother comes along.

Oh wow, this has gotten long. I'll stop here for now. Otherwise, life is challenging and good. Real quick . . .

* Staff training has started- challenging and good so far.

* Baby boy continues to grow - I have taken belly pictures (it's HUGE, really) but have only gained 7lbs so far. Seriously, I look like I've gained at least 15, so it's a little crazy! He moves all the time (so much for my laid-back child), can't wait to meet him in just 3 months!

* I told Shannon "all gone" tonight when she asked for "nursies" (sie-sies) before bed. She just put her pacifier back in and put her head on my shoulder for prayer time. Gulp. Wow, it was way harder on me than her to do that. It's our last nursing time left . . . and it's really only like a minute long anyway, but snif. So sad.

And finally, if you actually made it this far, here are a few quick pics of Jer's trip!

A few of Jer's teammates.


Janet said…
So good to hear what you have been up to! I've been doing a lot of the same stuff...finding fun blogs, organizing at home, doing lots of fun stuff with the kiddos. Hope you get to do it full time some day!

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