Sorry (again) for the silence . . . we're enjoying doing not much of anything on vacation. For those of you that forgot, Jeremiah is in Alaska and Shannon & I headed to my parent's house in NY for vacation. It's out in the country- peaceful, quiet and AMAZINGLY beautiful. Really. I have to get some pictures downloaded for your viewing pleasure.

We took a road trip to PA to visit my college roommates. There were six of us that all lived together for four years and FIVE of the six of us were able to get together, along with our 8 kids under the age of 5! Yeah, I think someone was taking someone to the potty or getting sippy cups every minute! There were 3 almost 5 year olds, 3 that were about 2 1/2, Shannon at 17 months and Tommy at 3 months. It was wonderful to see my friends, catch up and watch everyone as "mommies."

Surprisingly, in that group of five ladies, we were/all gentle, calm and patient mothers! I expected at least one to be a pretty "authoritarian" type of parent (you know, typical conservative Christian "You WILL OBEY ME" type.) Nope! All the kids were very well behaved, moms patient and loving and yet still Christ-centered. It was so refreshing from the usual harsh and controlling parenting I have to watch. I wish I lived near them because they are the types of kids/moms that I would like to be around . . . and those of you with kids, know that it can be very hard to find kids that you want your own to be around! And from what I hear (Janet, thanks a lot) it only gets harder as they get older. Sigh.

What else? I had huge plans for scrapbooking during this vacation . . . and my computer seems to have come down with a virus. Ugh. It seems to be slowly recovering with some major antibiotics (haha) but rats oh rats.

Well, I guess I really don't have anything interesting to say . . . kind of rambly here. Feel free to check out the BLOG to keep updated with Jeremiah's attempt on Denali! Sometimes they mention him by name, usually they just refer to "Rob Gowler" who is his guide. They've had awesome weather, so thankful for that!

Pictures WILL be coming.


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