A Death

So sad . . . it would appear that our beloved desktop computer is just about to "kick the bucket" so to speak. Die. We bought it back in 2003 when we moved to Malaysia and it has served us (relatively) well since then, considering the first years of its life were spent in 90 degree heat and humidity and crazy pollution. Not exactly good for a computer. After battling with the thing for the last year, I think it's finally over. We have a laptop, but I'm just not "into" it. Don't like the mouse, the keyboard or the screen. We will have saved enough money in October to replace the desktop, so we have to survive on one computer until then.

Which means you'll probably "see" me less, since I have to share computer time with Jer AND it just seems like such a pain to use the laptop!

In the meantime . . .

All my "third trimester" symptoms have arrived at once. Stuffy nose. Bloody nose if I'm not careful. Cramps in my inner thighs. Heartburn when I go to bed, if I'm not careful to prop myself up slightly. VERY weird (and irritating) dreams. Waking up all the time, not just to go to the bathroom but for no reason. Hips that hurt when I sleep on them. And other TMI joys of carrying a baby. Whew!

The good news is that my back is in better shape than with Shannon- only really hurts when I do too much or am stupid and rearrange furniture when Jer isn't home or do dumb stuff like that. And my feet don't hurt yet! At this point with Shannon, I could hardly stand for any length of time, without my feet just HURTING like crazy. I think a lot of it has to do with gaining significantly less weight. Or God's grace :)

So that's all my excitement I guess. Boys are doing well- we're at 7 of them right now. We have lots of little issues to work on and some major "character" issues to deal with. Lying is our biggest one because we believe so strongly that not only is it sin, but it ruins peoples lives in so many ways. At least three of our 7 have SEVERE issues with lying and it's a continual battle to know how to work with them. Not just being "punative" which I think is so easy to do, but taking the time to talk and do character training with them. Jer has been AMAZING this year at taking extra time (like after bedtime when we want a break!) to sit down and talk with the boys- being open, sharing and really pouring into them. I have been in tears listening to him, it's awesome.

Janet had a great post about parenting this week- it's long and took me a few days to get through, but ALL YOU MOMS need to read it! Especially the part about how no one ever said that parenting is supposed to be easy. It's going to be hard work. That really resonated with me and in some ways it makes it easier to know that it's going to be hard. Weird, yeah. Oh, go HERE for her post.

And one more random thought. Shannon has learned what the moon is! It's been "up" every day this week when we head outside and she points at it in its various stages and says "moooo!" It's SO cute!


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