Poor Baby Boy

Somehow I have a hard time remembering to update this blog when I do my other (private) one. Blogger seems annoying to me . . . Anyway! First today's post:

Poor baby boy is already getting neglected and he's not even born yet! I have been taking some belly pictures but not weekly like with Shannon! Here is a picture from this week (I think 27 weeks? I don't know- three months from the 31st of July).

Baby Boy


And since I've been comparing to Shannon, here is a picture of me pregnant at about 26 weeks. Hard to tell with different shirts but I've been wearing that other tanktop and I think I'm actually about the same size or maybe even bigger with Shannon! That's weird. I'll have to get it out and take a real comparison shot!

Hmmm, what else? I have my glucose test in the morning, whoo hooo. We are getting lots and lots of hand-me-downs which is such a huge, huge blessing. We have just about every bit of clothing that we need for the 0-3 stage and lots of stuff for other sizes. In fact, up to 18 months, probably the only size we don't have a LOT for is 6-9. We need to buy a carseat for Shannon and a bed for her. And I think we're going to get new bedding for both kids from Ikea. More on that later, complete with pictures.

Baby moves a lot too, just like Shannon. So much for my "laid back child." And we're making progress in the "name" department, meaning we actually have a few names that both of us like! No, I'm not going to tell you either, you have to wait until he's born!

Well, that's about it for now . . . just thought I'd do a quick update! See my facebook for some cute pictures of Shannon lately.


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