Playing Catch Up

I'm having a hard time keeping two blogs updated . . . but here is a post from a few days ago!

Life with two kids means life is racing by faster than I can hold onto it! My baby is going to be ONE MONTH OLD tomorrow (Thursday)! What in the world!??!?!?!?!? So how am I adjusting to two, you ask?

It's good and hard. The moments go quickly from stressed to amazed at the love. For example tonight, the kids alternated crying while I tried to get Shan ready for bed. Forest would cry when I would put him down (gas problems and wanted to eat!), then Shan would wail when I would put her down (she has a nasty cold). And then suddenly I had TWO precious children in my lap and was reading bedtime stories. While my voice read the words, my mind drifted to "wow, I have two amazing children and here I sit snuggled in with them." And then 4 minutes later Forest is crying while I try to get a crying Shannon settled for bed.

And now the house is quiet as all the Ranch boys are in bed and my little ones are sleeping. I sit down for the first time all day, with no one to look after except myself.

I wouldn't say it's twice as hard to have two kids but it's a very, very full life! Not much time for lounging around or relaxing. I have to stay on top of everything in order to keep the chaos from taking over. Seriously, I did all the laundry today but now that everyone is in bed, I almost have another whole load, just from ONE day's worth of Shannon's clothes (two outfits), Forest's clothes (can't even count how many he went through), spit up rags (he needs at least one each time he eats) and our clothes! Yikes! Throw in a load or two of towels/sheets each week plus diapers (at least twice a week) and woweeee! It's a monster that threatens to take over.

Emotionally I'm good . . .today! Postpartum hormones haven't been that bad, but I've had my share of tears. Mostly related to being overly stressed from the fact that I do work a full-time job . . . as patient and wonderful as Jer is, I DO have job responsibilities and my day DOES "end" at 4 when the boys come home. Weekdays aren't that bad but I really struggle to love my life on the weekends. Really having to work through my attitude Friday through Sunday! But I know I'll get over that in a few months, just like I did with Shannon.

So there you have it! Life in a nutshell. :)


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