Second One

And here is my post from tonight:

Today was one of those good days! Well now that I think back on it, it started rough, with a terrible, horrible, good-for-nothing headache that didn't go away until after a LOT of tylenol and a glass of pepsi (the caffiene helped).

Anyway! Shannon was feeling 100% better- her normal happy, {relatively} obedient self. Forest had a good day too. He really struggles with gas issues. I did notice that if I drink milk or eat it on cereal, he's in a lot of pain and really miserable. His poor little intenstines haven't regulated either and he's pretty miserable every 2 days or so until he "goes."

I guess I haven't updated much on Shannon lately. If you care . . .

* Her language took an explosion the week after Forest was born. She suddenly began to imitate EVERY SINGLE word that we say or that she wants to say. She can now say all ten of our boys' names (well at least tries, haha . . . Brandon doesn't exactly love being called Bonnie but hey, it works!). She also started combining words together into little sentences. And funniest of all to me, is telling stories of things that happened. For example, one Sunday she cried when she went to nursery. For the next week, she would talk about "church" and then do her fake cry and tell how she cried in church. It cracks me up what she chooses to talk about. Somehow she also made the connection that church=God. Whenever we walk by the chapel, she mentions church and then God (and then TV since they watched a movie there).

So much fun! The boys leave for their Thanksgiving vacation on Wednesday!!!! So excited to have some good family time. Jeremiah & the Ranch men are biking to Cocoa Beach on Friday (60+ miles) and the ladies drive there (duh!) and then we spend the night at a hotel. Of course winter is supposed to arrive in Florida that day, so I'm not sure how much beach time we'll have but I guess we can bundle up and play for a few minutes in the sand. And of course it's Christmas decor time. I LOVE the holiday season.


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