Diapering times Two

How do you do cloth diapers times two?

Like this.

Top row- basket of home-made flannel wipes. These are used for wiping noses, messes and little {very} dirty bottoms. Behind are fuzzi bunz that don't have liners {yet, they are on their way via USPS}. The large white basket contains our size small FB that are in use. We have some pretty girl colors but lots of neutrals, now that both kids are wearing the same size!

Bottom row- our "cardboard book" bookshelf. One of three or four "book locations" throughout our house. The brown basket holds Forest's "kissaluvs" diapers. They are newborn size (0). Also a bunch of bummis super whisper wraps (covers) for them. And about 6 Fuzzi Bunz size XS diapers, which won't fit him for long. Behind the books is a pack of "sposies." We use them at night for both kids, IMO cloth diapers aren't made for 12 hour stints! Leaves kids with a red bottom and strong smell! Also an extra changing-pad thing.

The garbage pail on the right is our diaper pail. Diapers get tossed in until they are ready to wash. Garbage on the left is the "trash can."

So there you have it! Any questions about it or anything else?


Anonymous said…
I bookmarked this so that when I make the switch from boxers to cloth diapers I have a good resource. Thanks :) Love the new look/layout of your blog.

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