A Picture is worth a thousand words, this must be a million!

Wow, where to begin? We spent two weeks in PA, with Jer's family this summer . . . it was something we needed to do, mostly for our kids. His dad is 85 and who knows how much longer he has . . . and I realize that it is important that when our kids are older, they can look at pictures and stories of themselves, with their grandparents. So here goes . . . mostly a story in pictures.

One huge project Jer took on while in PA was restoring this old train. The whole thing is about 5 1/2 feet long and it's quite an old treasure. This is about what it looked like when he dragged it (well we had to push it, it's so heavy it takes two people to carry) out of the basement.

Then after restoring it . . .

Amazing huh?

So we all got our pictures taken with it!

And some small children sat in it!

You could tell his dad was so proud!

Part of the real one!

And tell me these don't look like antique pictures!!?!?

One day that my mom came down (for four days), we took a long drive through a State Forest/Park and then took a short hike. It was crazy-amazing how not just TALL the trees were but they were STICK STRAIGHT!

Forest and I hiking along (yes it was chilly).

Amazing view up, huh?

The view down.

Shannon and Gramma Baldwin.

Jeremiah showing trees to Shannon.

Random Activities Part One.

Jeremiah attempting something . . . not sure what. Hehehe.

No really, this is what it's for. Unfortunately for Shannon, her legs are about two inches too short.

Shannon would probably tell you her favorite part of the summer was rolling down this hill in the front yard. I don't know if she rolled so much as flew through the air and bounced! It was hilarious to watch.

We had a couple hot days. Boxes work well for swimming.

And nothing beats the fresh PA frozen yoghurt/custard places!

A $5 steal . . . what more could a Shannon ask for than a PINK TUTU Bathing suit!

Three generations in blue!

As I said, the purpose of this trip was by and large, for future memories. It was relaxing and peaceful, but was super-sentimental. Feeling this sentimental feeling, I was in the mood to mess around with these pictures, hence the "seventies" vibe to them. Hope it's not too distracting.

Jer mowing the yard for his parents.

Shannon, Forest with Grandparent's Gordon.

We did lots of "chillin" on the porch. Well as much as you can with a two year old and 8 month old.

Sometimes you just happen to get pictures that make you stop and stare at your child. These were taken in the middle of a "concert" that Shannon was dramatically giving, while in the mini swimming pool. I adore these pictures, scary hair and all!

I really worked hard to LET GO and be a happy, cheerful and fun to be around mom. It can be hard to just relax {here at the Ranch} because our lives are so stressful. We did headstands together and summer-saults.

Jeremiah's Aunt and Uncle came over and Shannon was IN LOVE with her cane. Really. Forest doesn't seem to trust her ability with it!

We got to see my Dad for a {teasing} two hours. Shannon wanted more time, that was quite obvious.

He even fit in a spitting lesson with Forest. Who was obviously very interested.

I tried to capture special moment's with Jeremiah's dad, just not sure how many more times like this we'll be able to have.

More Random Activities. Jer's mom planned a "treasure hunt" in the yard {hid little trinkets in old butter tubs}. Shannon was more excited than if it was Easter!

Shannon and Jeremiah setting traps to try to catch a rabbit. It didn't work so he got out the 22. I'll spare the pictures and details.

Forest and I hanging out.

We went for walks. Gramma's duck had to come along with us.

If you can see the large drool-ball hanging from Forest's chin, you'll realize he got his FIRST TWO TEETH while in PA!

Hiking. Lots. Jer took the machete to clear out the old trail up to where a mine use to be. We went hiking several times, mostly looking for blackberries (wild black raspberries, really). It was beautiful and filled with so many kinds of wonderful wild flowers.


Barbara said…
I made it by Erika!
Mom said…
great pictures Erika!!! I'm so glad I could see you so incredibly relaxed!! Glad you guys made the effort to go to PA...and that your Dad and I could "stop by."

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