They're Here!

Well it was chaos around my house for the last week or so . . . but we managed to pull our house together in time to welcome our boys! And it looks pretty good I might add :)

We start the year with just four boys, potentially adding a brand-new 5th one on Sunday. It's kind of nice to start the year with just a few, since we always seem to have a house full! Our challenges- one very abused child (who's already talking about it quite vocally) and two who are all about guns, violence, etc. That's a challenge because we have to re-train them not to talk about it in front of our kids! Whew.

My own house is a disaster after a week of pretty much not being able to do anything with it . . . and we're on the two weeks of the kids just being in school from 9-1, so I better go get to work!


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