Happy Birthday Forest

One year ago . . .

I woke up in the morning with contractions, though I wasn't completely ready to say I was in labor, because they were just 5 minutes apart. I managed to get the boys ready for school and go to chapel with them. During which contractions were a hard 40 seconds long and 5 minutes apart. Staff meeting was after that and by then I was pretty miserable, though managed to make it through the meeting.

After, I sent Jer and his friend to Borders, saying "oh it will probably be a while" and went home to shower and get things ready around the house (laundry!). It was around 10 am by now.

About 10:15, after crying through the shower (can we say EMOTIONAL SIGN POSTS of labor!!!!), I called Angela and asked her to come get Shannon. Then decided I was really going to have a baby today and called my mom, called my boss and then called the midwife. Contractions were still around 40 seconds long and 4-5 minutes apart. She said to call back when they were about a minute long. By 11:30 am I was panicking, thinking labor was too hard and there was no way I could do this again. I called the midwife back and she said I better get over there.

I think we arrived around 12pm. In between the door and the room to check me, I had three contractions. As Jennie checked me, she said "either I've forgotten how to do this or you are NINE cm!!!!!!" I was SO, SO, SO happy! Seriously, I would have died if she said I was like 5 cm, the contractions were so hard to make it through calmly. Here I am, SO happy!

We proceeded into the birth room, where they quickly prepped for delivery (not labor, ha!) and I labored away, kneeling on the floor, against the couch. Once the bed was set, I leaned on a pile of pillows, on my hands and knees. Probably close to 12:45 she broke my water, which was sweet relief . . . for a few minutes. And then I started pushing around 1 (I think). I pushed on my hands and knees until he started crowing, at which point Jennie had me flip to my side/back. And Forest was born! He was popped right up onto my chest and was just the tiniest darling.

They cleaned us up (with Forest laying on me) and then just left us and Jeremiah alone for a while. Eventually they got us (more) cleaned up, did measurements (7lbs, 3 oz) and then Jer got us food and we called everyone. Yes, WE. I felt so good that I did some calling, including my VERY shocked mother!

We left around 5:30 and were home around 6. Shannon came to join us around 7 and then we were all in bed by 9!

And what a year it's been . . .

Learning to be a mom to two kids.

Forest at one month

Then we entered the hard couple of months, where Forest had terrible gas and was miserable all the time.

Sometimes he tolerated his family.

January we had him dedicated.

And he was busy flipping around his bed with gas!

As the spring rolled around, he pulled out of his funk, finally!

Learned to sit up!

Embraced eating!

Learned to crawl, in our new house!

First time swimming!

First trip on a plane, for Uncle Brian's wedding.

Started walking . . .

And helping . . .

And now we have this amazing, little one year old! Happy Birthday Forest!


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