I've had a hard time sitting down and putting my thoughts to paper (or rather, computer) lately. Everything is going well, actually. Lots on my mind and in my heart, but when I try to write it out, it just doesn't work. So, in my typical UN-analytical way, I'll just do a simple post.


Outside my window... plants sweltering in the heat. Really. 90 degrees in October. Please go away bad heat!

I am thinking... a lot about being a wife and mom. Reading Proverbs 31 a lot and finding myself often surprised at the things it really says (vs what my memory remembers!).

I am thankful for... That one of my boys was mistaken when he thought his mom said his brother broke his neck. How you can misunderstand that, I have no clue. But thank you God that he's okay!

From the kitchen... Amazing sourdough bread! First time trying it from scratch- starter to loaf.

I am wearing... pj gaucho pants (softest black ever) and a skimpy tank-top.

I am creating... a mess on my desk, as usual, with no good solution to keep it clean.

I am going... to the beach in November!

I am reading... about the horrible situation in the Congo.

I am hoping... that our WIC appointment tomorrow goes very quickly. But looking forward to getting whole milk for Forest and making yummy yoghurt with it :)

I am hearing... the air-conditioner running. The baby-monitor's drone. Jer playing a video game in the living room. Oh wait, that's the same thing I heard last time I updated, HA!

Around the house... a new boy, newly painted front doors, new sweaters from the Goodwill, new Christmas books for our "pull out at Christmas stash" from the Goodwill.

One of my favorite things... Caramel Apple Bread, free from Fresh Market. Perks of working here.

A few plans for the rest of the week: WIC tomorrow, Family day tomorrow, desparately need to do some gardening, laundry and house cleaning!


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