Check in time

A quick catch-up . . . We had an amazing time in NY, visiting family and relaxing. I took over 600 pictures and don't even know where to begin, to sum it all up! We got home last Thursday and enjoyed working in our wildly-overgrown garden, boiling in the hot sun, playing with long-lost toys and just hanging out together.

Yesterday we headed over to Florida's amazing west coast, to Clearwater Beach & Caledesi Island (shell island!!!!). The kids had a great time . . . despite parents making stupid decisions that ended up with us all stressed out and irritated at each other later. And bedtime? UGH! But like I said, the kids had a great time and we learned our lessons :)

I'd like to post some pictures and real details . . . but now that we're home for good, I need to get us unpacked and laundry put away . . . plan out meals for the week and good homemaker details like that.

Shannon is going paci-free today . . . should be an interesting day or two until she gets over that. And shortly after she is fine, Forest will be going paci-free too! Forest, my newest talker . . . who repeats each and every word 8-10 times, until you finally acknowledge what he has to say. For example . . .

a truck, a truck, a truck (getting louder now), a truck, a TRUUUUUUCKKKK!

Yes Forest, that's a truck.

a bump, a bump, a BUMP!

Yes, Forest, we went over a bump.

A boat, a boat, a . ..

Yes Forest, we went on a boat . . . .

. . . .

repeat for the two hour car ride home.

(screaming in your head optional)


Janet said…
Yea, have fun with that word-on-repeat thing. We had to do that with Caleb for YEARS. Until he was acknowledged, he would keep saying it!

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