** Edit- I've been trying to post this for almost a week now . . . let's see if today is the day I can NOT be interrupted or have the internet used by someone else!! And apparently I am never going to be able to get photos uploaded . . . check facebook instead!**

We're here!

NY that is!

As always, a trip to my parents' house is pure delight and greatest joy. It's so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. Of course it's always nice not to be at home with cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc. We've had so much fun playing in the grass . . . it almost makes me want to cry to realize we'll have to go back to Florida grass in two weeks. And Jer & I are super relaxed since we're not working! On the way to church this morning, Jeremiah said "I don't know why I'm so relaxed on vacation." Made me laugh . . .that's WHY we go on vacation! Makes for happy family time, all around.

We've spent evenings wandering around my dad's garden, eating peas & raspberries. My dad's garden is amazing, someday I hope I can live somewhere to have a place this spectacular! For now I'll live through him and enjoy the bounty of his labor.

We've spent time wrestling in the grass, rolling in the grass, laying in the grass. Shannon shouting "try to catch me dad!" We went to Lake Ontario once and the kids had a blast, despite the air being around 65 degrees and the water 66! Yikes!

My brothers (and SIL and other brother's girlfriend) all came to town for a couple days. Shannon thought Anna (Brian's wife) and Christen (Dean's friend) were her "best friends" and had come for the express purpose of playing with her!


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