This has been a week for the record books.  Starting last Sunday  night, any sense of peace or tranquility around here blew up in a huge explosion of disobedience, defiance and a host of other drama. 

(Enjoying a bit of sunshine from my garden!)

Sunday Night- Heard loud noises over the {boys} baby monitor- discovered that SEVEN of our EIGHT boys were involved in playing out of bed- power wedgies, pillow fights, hitting, etc.  Three boys were fooling around the in the bathroom. 

Monday- Of the 7 boys in big trouble . . . 5 of them went to school and gave the teacher terrible attitudes and/or disrespect.  One was involved in cruelty toward another boy.  No free time for anyone that night, just work, work, work.  Had a long talk about how much we love them and want them to look carefully at the choice of blessings vs curses, life vs death that is before them.

Tuesday- Thought we were pulling out of the negative behavior . . . when all of a sudden we catch two boys BITING others in the pool!  And no, they aren't two!!!!  Goodness!  At this point I call in the troops for prayer . . . I can practically see the spiritual battle in front of me.

Wednesday- The day goes well, we think things are starting to calm down . . . until bedtime.  I had to correct two boys who blatantly disobeyed me.  Jeremiah pulled them into the living room to talk- boy A says  "yes sir," admits he's wrong and is sent back to bed.  Boy B blows up!  As in threatening to punch Jer, screaming, etc.  Ended up calling in backup for this one.  Really.  Great way to end the night.  Jer threatens to write his resignation, ha!

Thursday- Praise God we made it to our day off . . . and I end up with an ear infection!  No joke, I haven't been to the doctor sick in 15 years!  Figures this is thrown into the attack this week.  I spend the day miserably sick, Jer is a hero and pulls kid-duty all day.  Including a child pooping their pants at the mall . . . instead of bringing them home like I would, he scrubs the child down, goes to Gymboree and buys the child pants to wear, and resumes playing.  What a hero! 

Friday- All seems to be calming down other than a random fever and a few boys slightly getting out of line again.  Nothing as bad as earlier in the week.  Did we survive!?!?!?


Saturday-  Happy 35th Birthday Jeremiah!!!!!  Other than one boy losing his mind and blowing up over being corrected, the day is long but okay. 


Yeah.  Told you it was one heck of a week.  No, it was one hell of a week.  Not in the swearing sense but in the reality.  Hell was fighting for a stronghold this week, in very real ways. 


Did I mention our director started Monday morning, talking about the spiritual battle we are in here?  For the very lives of these kids?  We sure saw the reality of it this week, both in our cottage and in our family!  Praise God for praying friends.


Good news . . . Forest has now gone THREE days without getting spanked for calling someone stupid!  Parenting is crazy-hard work, the fight to be 100% consistent is so hard.  But when you see little glimpses of change, whew it is encouraging!  May your week be filled with precious blessings!  May all your cats be this cute!



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