Who Created Mother's Day?

My Friday night quickly dissolved into a pile of messes and disasters.

A stick of butter that EXPLODED all over the (freshly cleaned) microwave . . . leaving the whole thing coated in a dreadful layer of buttery, greasy slime.

Putting pots & pans away, only to discover that a jar of bacon grease had dumped all over the bottom cupboard. 

Popcorn made for family night, leaving kernels all over the floor and counters.

A trail of spilled apple juice making all my steps stick and squeak across the floor.

A stinky dish towel hung over my shoulder as I try to figure out where to begin, feeling like I'm on an episode of "hoarders" or some equally nasty pile!  Like the princess that ate the poison apple.


And then as I scrub dirty dishes, the thought comes into my mind "I think Satan is the founder of Mother's Day."  And I ponder, would Jesus support Mother's Day?  I'm all for celebrating MY mom.  For thinking of all the wonderful qualities about her and doing things to make her day special.  She gave me the gift of time, of creativity, of adventure {and they never returned, no they never returned . . . }.  Love for nature, crafting, song. 


But Mother's Day for me?  I think it's a day that just makes it easier for me to fall into selfishness, self-pity or self-exaggeration, entitlement and then the disappointment that comes with false expectations

Our families can't live up to the dreams in our mind of sleeping in, perfectly made breakfasts complete with handmade cards and smiling AND dressed children.  Then the rest of the day is a dream as the family peacefully goes to church (after the rest of the family washes the breakfast dishes while mom peacefully gets ready).  Home to a beautiful lunch during which family has wonderful conversation while eating the meal that somehow appeared on the table.  The rest the day is bliss while the children quietly occupy themselves and father gushes over his amazing wife.  Does that look like your house?  Nope, not mine either. 

Why do I think I need a day to celebrate a gift that GOD gave to me?  He says that children are a blessing from the Lord- the children ARE our gift


So this Mother's Day, I'm so thankful for my precious mother.  And I'm going to drop my expectations and try to celebrate the gift that I've been given- my children.  Blessings to you, my friends- whether you already have been given your gift (your children) or are still awaiting God's gift to you, blessings.  Serve as serving Jesus- you aren't washing your kids nasty sippy cups, those are cups for the KING.  The sticky floor?  Wipe it as though Jesus were coming for a visit.  And know that you are loved and treasured and are beyond value!  Love you friends!


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