Fumes to spare?

Running on empty over here . . . but I think there are enough fumes to pull us through the next week!  It's always intense around here at the end of the year, and this year is no exception.  However, the weekend is coming . . . followed by intense work for three days . . . and then vacation!  VACATION!

This morning I was walking across the front yard to get some bread from the cafeteria, so tired that all I could say/think (while attempting to figure out what to make for lunch) was "help Lord!"  But that's the cool thing- I don't have ANY extra energy.  By today (Thursday), I'm on day four of going all day, with no naps (pretty much a daily must for me while pregnant) and I'm exhausted.  Even my body hurts with tiredness.  But that's okay.  God provides the strength in these situations where I need to keep going.  It's a good learning process- what needs to be done around the house to maintain and what is optional.  And vacation is coming!

A time to work and a time to play!

I have lots to share, hopefully before we go on vacation- I'd love to show you some of my house projects (aka- Pinterest in real life)!  We've been working hard on our "girl's room" (ahhh!  Makes me so happy to think about two daughters!!!!!).  And finishing some projects in Forest's room.

I have another ultrasound on Tuesday because it would appear the technician I went to thinks EVERY baby she scans has a "shadow" on their heart (which a little googling reveals is nothing 99% of the time anyway).  So even though the Birth Place is irritated that all their moms are flagged AND they think it's nothing, legally I have to get a second ultrasound so I'm not labeled high risk.  So irritating, especially because it will involve like 4 hours of my time and a hospital.  That's why I go with a midwife- I hate, hate, hate unnecessary medical interventions . . . okay, rant over.  I worked out my bad attitude this week and I'll chose to look at this through the "thankful for access to medical care" eyes.  And not the fact that it's taking four hours of my day, on our last semi-normal day with my boys!

Okay!  No pictures for tonight because I actually want to post this and not procrastinate!  Friends, I appreciate you!!!!  Even when my posting is not showing that!


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