Well we made it to vacation!  I never did get another blog post up, like I wanted to . . . but like most huge to-do lists, there are lots of things that just don't make the cut . . . things that are good but not THE most important to do before leaving.

Perhaps now that I'm in 100 percent vacation mode, I can have some time to post a bit more.  

We made it to NY . . . and I feel rested already. Something about being away from home and not able to do any of the things I "need" to do . . . enables me to much more quickly say "yes" to building a huge train track at 8:30 in the morning.  Or "yes" to pushing kids on the swing for an hour.  Or "yes" to taking the time to teach the kids not to be afraid of Gramma's puppy . . . who is super cute and adorable!  Shannon is doing SO well with it- it's amazing to see her turn from someone who is so easily afraid of animals, to a little girl who proudly walks around with her hands on her hips and says NO to Ruby jumping on her.  I think we may have to check the suitcases before we go home or there might be a dog hiding in there!

Forest on the other hand . . . the "fear" factor of being 3-4 years old has kicked in.  I've been really surprised over the last week, the things that make him afraid.  And the dogs are freaking him out.  So hopefully we can work on that the next three weeks!

In other news, Jer's dad continues to struggle with health issues. At the moment he is released from the hospital, but is in a short-term care facility to work on some balance/physical therapy issues (last hospital stay was from falling backwards and hitting his head).  Of course Jer is really stressed . . . not because it's necessarily surprising (his dad is 87ish), but because of watching the whole slow suffering/health decline.  We  were supposed to drive to PA on Friday, but now need to decide if we should wait another couple weeks until his dad is released- it's not like we can have the kids sitting at the nursing home for 8 hours a day for three days.

So that's where we are!  Baby continues to grow, I feel great (especially now that I'm on vacation, right?) . . . I'll see if we can wrangle up a belly picture.

Well friends, talk to you later!


Setapart1979 said…
WONDERFUL! Happy to hear that you guys arrived safely & are settling in so nicely! PRAISE that you're feeling well, enjoying laid back days & much quality time as a family & also for a break for your preggo body from the Florida heat! I love to see victories in our kiddos like you shared about Shannon with the dog & also victories to come in the future for Forest over some of those new fears. :-)

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