April already?

Oh my!  Has it really been since February?????  Wow!  We've just been busy doing life . . . our days start early and end late . . . filled with boys and school and baby!  Nothing out of the ordinary going on, just life!   How about a picture post today?  That's more fun than words anyway . . .

Over spring break I was able to take Shannon out on a date- a trip to the mall to wander around, look at stuff and chat!  Our days are so full, we don't have much room for just "wandering," so this was great!  She told me it was the "best day EVER," so I guess the purpose was fulfilled!

Trying out furniture at the Pottery Barn store.

As sweet saleswoman asked if she could take our picture.

Shan and her cinnabon . . . that was bigger than her face.! 

Random mall landscaping!  Does your mall look this pretty?  ;)

Beautiful weather and a baby who is becoming more portable = lots of playground time!

Our two oldest "boys" were in a Ranch drama . . . fun times!

My BEST friend from college happened to be in town visiting and I got to spend three precious hours with her and her cute kiddos!  Always leaves me wishing my friends lived closer . . . 

Jer made Forest this amazing bed with a climbing wall on the end!

Little Lovebug plays with toys now!

Typical homeschool morning!  Check out my READER!  Yes!  We crossed the line from hemming and hawing and fussing over reading, to being able to pick up books and enjoy them!  So glad to be there . . . and yes, her lips are blue.  Don't ask.

And that's a wrap . . .or at least a little update!


Anonymous said…
I love to see pictures of Your Life!! So wish you were closer so I could be more a part of it. I'd love to go mall walking with my daughter and grand daughters!!! I'm so glad you take time to do such memorable things with them, and I know Jeremiah does too. That's what they'll remember. love you...perhaps I'll see you in about 60 days???love mom

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