A quick share . . . one of the families that we work with, has the loveliest daughter.  She is 17 and is one of those girls you want your son to marry and daughter to be like . . . she is the babysitter for our kids and just an amazing young lady.  Her parents asked me to snap some prom pictures for her this year.  I spent some time on Pinterest and was HORRIFIED at what I found when searching "prom pictures."  They looked like wedding pictures . . . revealing dresses, kisses, body contact to the point where I'd be so embarassed if I was 17 and my mom saw those pictures.  What is going on with teens these days?  Anyway!  NOT the kind of pictures I wanted, so I was quite nervous going into this "shoot,"  not really sure what to do and how to capture these lovely friends.  And besides, who knows the mind of a teen!?!?!?!

Anyway . . . I was SHOCKED when I pulled these pictures off my camera . . . the lighting was amazing and the kids were so relaxed, that I literally had to do nothing to the pictures.  I wanted to share a few, proof that there are some Godly teens out there who can be beautiful and appropriate!  (these are NOT fixed up for internet- no sharpening, etc. just fast and easy upload!)

A girl and her mom- as precious as can be!

Isn't she lovely?  And just as beautiful inward as outward!

Almost makes you wanna be a kid again, huh?  Okay, maybe not!


Oh, don't I know about the awful pictures floating around out there! Praise God for godly teens .. you captured them so well! Beautiful shots!!!!

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