Bad blogger! I know, I know. I've sat down to update so many times and it just hasn't happened for one reason or another. Shannon is down for a mini-nap, so I'm going to try to do this quickly!

Shannon is working hard on getting her next set of teeth. She walks around with this funny expression on her face most of the day, or is sticking out her tongue and rubbing the gums. Poor kid, I hope they come through soon! Oh and she turned SEVEN MONTHS on Saturday! Where does the time go!

Boys are doing well. We are finally down to four, after sending home the one that shouldn't have come back in the first place. Since he's gone, the other four are free to be themselves. They spent Sunday playing with fake money and pretending they had jobs. I love (LOVE) to see little boys acting like little boys. Then on Monday night they had a Spa Night. Yes, my 12 year olds wanted a spa night. So I set everything up for them and they gave each other mini-pedis and had eye masks and drank tea. I love it!

I'm okay. Feeling the need for some good, quality ME time lately. The boys have a three-day weekend home, so maybe I'll catch some this weekend. Chasing Shannon all day is quite tiring! Well, that's about all my time for now, have a great labor day weekend! Okay, one more picture- Jer put up a swing for Shannon.


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