In the Dark

Well our power is out . . . well most of the power anyway. Our homes are wired SO weird . . . the TV is out, the lights in the bedroom are out (living room is on) and the computer still has power. For the moment.

So FAY (the tropical storm) has been a boring one. Rain and light wind all day . . . gloomy and boring! It's nice to have some extra time off . . . but Shannon is working on her next set of teeth and didn't want me more than about 2 feet away all day. So it's been a long one. If the power goes out all the way I might just go to bed! I told Jeremiah that we need to plan something FUN to do tomorrow!!!

I did manage to finish one scrapbook page and am working on another one. I haven't been feeling very creative lately, but I just kept it open all day and did it little by little.

And here are a few fun pictures from last week. Shannon is working SO hard at walking around, it's crazy. She spends all day going from furniture to furniture- pulling herself up, balancing and then standing there with just one hand. Thankfully she figured out how to sit down on her own, so we don't have that problem. She's so busy, it sure wears me out. Today was one of those days when I looked forward to bedtime because I was so tired out from chasing her around. I LOVE being a mother but bedtime sure is nice sometimes!

Well, I hope everyone has a great evening!


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