Yucky Weather Continues

You are NOT going to believe this. They brought the kids back on Wednesday night. No problem. Rained and windy. Thursday it started getting WORSE. As the day went on, it rained harder and got even more windy. By last night we had things being blown over and lost power. I mean REALLY lost power . . . Hello!?!?! This is the longest "tropical storm" I've ever heard of! It's still really dark outside, raining like the dickens and blowing like crazy. I can't imagine poor Noah on that Ark for 40 days!!!! It's been a week and I'm nearly insane.

Otherwise . . .

I got my necklace on Wednesday! I loooooooove it! Thanks so much for everyone's input. In the end, I decided to go with the two-heart one and take my chance that I can get another one someday, if we have more kids. Shannon loves it too!

Here is how we've been spending our rainy days!


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