Catching Up

So I should be drying dishes and putting them away . . . but I need to sit down and catch up, even if for my own sanity. Hopefully you'll enjoy it along the way!

This past week really has been wild. We're trying to fit in all our final "fall activities" like making leaf piles, fall cards and things like that. Work wise, this has been a busy week too. We had the kids all day on Monday (no school) and then Friday night was our big fundraiser event, which meant being out until 11pm! Yikes. And that same day our sewer backed up into our bathroom because one of our darling boys flushed a washcloth down the toilet. And then Saturday Shannon came down with the "community cold." Sigh.

This coming week is busy too but good busy. Tomorrow is our big cottage Thanksgiving meal. We started it our first year- I cook an entire huge meal, the boys decorate and set up and then we all eat together. It's so fun, I love it. Tuesday we have a big meal in the cafeteria and then Wednesday the boys go home! Then it's time to pull out holiday decorations!!! Yippeee!

Here are a few 'snaps from the past week!

Someone found legos under the couch.

Boys wanted to play with my new camera lens!

Shannon likes it too!

Shannon hanging with the boys.

Thanksgiving Card Crafts


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