Sorry I've been such a bad blogger. We've been pretty busy- good busy but I haven't had almost any computer time! So many things going on and making me happy these days. I was cooking a yummy apple pie today and realized something . . .

I have been praying for God to let me be content where I am- being a dorm mom and a mom to Shannon, even though I'd rather be JUST a mom to Shan sometimes. Being content in Florida, even though I hate the state and long so badly to live up north somewhere. Mountains, changing seasons, etc. The prayers have been working and I have been feeling content. I've been living content (it's a choice you know). Well as I looked down at the child climbing into my cupboard and stopped to snuggle and kiss her {just because I can} I realized I am not only content but JOYFUL in my content. Thank you God!

A few good things in my life . . .

A fun birthday party for a friend at the Ranch, complete with blow-up slides!

Shannon had great fun tackling her 25 pound friend Bonnie! (She's only 3 weeks older than my 15 pounder!)
One of the great benefits of the Ranch, is all the free food. Shannon was amazed when I brought it home!
And then helped herself to the mushrooms.
A friend and I had a photo shoot with our babies :)

We had a fishing tournament with our kids (that's Jer on the boat if you couldn't tell)
And Bonnie tried to show Shannon who's boss!
I had my last "photo shoot" with the senior girls.
And Shannon helped me bake an apple pie today.
So you can see my life has been really full lately, but with good things. We're entering our busy holiday season and as long as I can keep us semi-organized, I'm super excited! Hope everyone has a good election day (and I'm SO glad we voted by mail!).


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