Another week almost over and not much computer time again! I have had lots of meaningful posts but they've never left my head. And now as I finally sit down to update, I can't think of much. Sometimes I think I'm growing dumber by the day, you know? Hey, don't agree with me!

What can I say? I don't have my brother's quick wit or my other brother's "right word at the right time." I don't have the creativity of this lovely Etsy member. Or this one, with particularly nice pencil covers. Seriously now. I don't have Janet's meaningful insight into life. Or free plants to give away.

I don't have much to offer. Tonight, just a whole collection of scrap pages from the past few weeks. Maybe they'll challenge you to find a way to preserve your family's memories. Really. What are you doing to save these special days, so you have something to look at and read? It doesn't have to be fancy. Maybe buy one of those albums with blanks next to the photo spaces. Take 15 minutes this week to write some notes about recent pictures. Or if you are a digital girl, PRINT some pictures and throw them in an album. Save some memories for your kids!

{click on pictures to see larger}

Shan & Hannah Dancing

Cute Shannon, back in July

Shan, of course

Shan & I playing on the bed a while back

Shan and her first pumpkin

Boys at their fishing tournament


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