Okay, first things first . . . .

Life here has been full lately. In between some of the events and activities of life, I can feel God teaching me and showing me some things. This "semester" has been really hard, work-wise. We thought it would be super easy- we only have FOUR boys and normally have TEN. So right, it's going to be a piece of cake. In some ways (like supervising) it is. But in other ways, it's been so miserable. Two of our boys, in particular are doing so poorly. Getting worse maybe. Lying has such a stronghold in their lives, sometimes I wonder if {anything} they say is true. It's just been really hard. And I find myself fighing the cynacism and thoughts that they will never change. I need to be reminded that they can change with God, that there is some hope.

Anyway. Let me show you in pictures what we've been up to . . . .

Shannon helping M with his homework

Shannon's Christmas present arrived! It's the Bee-Bop drum set (Parent's Magazine) and she loves it already!
{Mom, what do I do with this box?}

Oh, I love the drum sticks!
The boys are into playing "knights"
and tennis . . .

We went to Sea world (for free!)

And Shannon totally sat and watched every show! And clapped and said "yeahaaaa!"

Attended a huge Christmas party for our boys.
Jer's parents sent their Christmas gifts.
And Shan got the hang of the present thing!

It was love at first sight with baby doll!

Last, tonight was the big dance performance for us. This picture isn't "technically" perfect, but I LOVE the way you see Jesus, hands extended, behind the dancers.

So that's it! All my pictures were shot in MANUAL! :Yippeee! I have a looooong way to go but at least I can already take decent pictures with it! Have a great week! We leave for NY on Saturday!


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