Okay, so I'm finally getting over being dreadfully sick. I keep putting off posting because I feel like no one wants to see a post with no pictures- am I right or do you not care? Anyway! I need some answers, so I'm posting and hopefully later I can show some pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend and other random happenings!

What do you get an almost one year old for Christmas? I feel like we should get Shannon SOMETHING, you know? But I can't think of what to get her. I don't want to get her lots of plastic toys but what in the world? Help! If you have a baby, what are you getting him/her? If you've raised kids, what are some good ideas for a kid this age? It would help if it's small, since we're going to NY, but I guess we could leave it here.


One picture- Shan & I on Thanksgiving.


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