1. My parents cozy, warm and beautiful house.

2. Shannon's third tooth . . . arriving the day after we get to NY with a minimum of torture.

3. Snow, lots and lots of fluffy, white snow. (Did I mention the warm and cozy house?)

4. Shannon's first word "baby" as said to my mom's antique "baby boy" doll (picture to come later). Oh yeah, and she's decided NY is a good place to continue those little STEPS! that she started taking a month ago!

5. Being on vacation with literally nothing to do other than play with Shan, talk with Jer and occasionally play on the computer.

6. My parent's uncanny ability to chose THE worst (as in stupid and dumb) movies out there. If you request "The Band" on netflix and you get it quickly, it's because it's in Egyptian and NO ONE else wants to watch this movie!

7. Good discussions with my dad, who always has the ability to point out interesting things "oh I never thought of that before."

8. Having to stay at the house because I don't have anywhere TO go and the weather is so bad. I love being house-bound.

9. Tramping through the snow-covered fields with Jeremiah, warm except for my nose.

10. My whole family being together for Christmas!

Much to my chagrin, I forgot the cord to my camera, so you'll have to wait until the 24th for pictures. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!


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