Doing alright here. Our boys are really struggling and so we are really struggling with what to do with them. Case in point . . .

Boy G- We have a rule about no talking in the bedroom. He breaks it daily. I'm talking sometimes up to 5 times in 20 minutes. We've taken free time, given sentences, given grace . . . and he continues. Now he's starting to lie about it. He's not stupid (he does his work in school just fine). Now we're wondering if he's just very (VERY) passive-aggressive. And what in the world to do with him?

Boy B- Scary. Just plain scary. He got really mad the other night and Jer asked him to write down what goes through his head. An excerpt from his note "violence spins. I think about killing the person who made me mad." Um, remind me not to make him mad!!!! How do we even begin to work with this?

Boy C- Everything about him is a sham. Picture a smooth-talking, good-looking political kind of guy. Yup, that's him. He opens his mouth to tell stories and he just says whatever pops into his head. Most of it is lies. He professes to be a Christian but there is no fruit and it all seems to be for show. How do you begin to cut through so many layers of deceit?

I know the answer- the real answer is that WE can't do any of it, it has to be God's work. BUT we are his tools and are supposed to be the "professionals" working with them. Sigh. We're fresh out of ideas on these guys. And we're getting Boy T (was here last year) who is basically a non-stop liar also and gets upset very easily. And now they are giving us two boys who are significantly older than our age group. Um. Yeah. We'd appreciate any prayers.

On the home-front . . . Shan continues to amaze me. I love watching this little person learn and grow. It's definately humbling to realize that WE have been given the responsiblity to parent her, to raise her in the fear and knowledge of God. But it's awesomely exciting too!

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Janet said…
Sorry to hear that things are rough -- totally understand how hard it can be.

Love the layout!
Mindy said…
wow...this is definitely a situation in which God has to work through you and Jeremiah. I'll be praying for you both. God is putting these kids in your care for a reason.
Fred said…
as you say, the only way you can impact those boys lives is with God's help. Can't wait to see you in action in 6 days!!!!
and get to know my granddaughter again.
Fred said…
i don't know how to change my name, so Fred is getting the credit for commenting.

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