I'm having a grey week.

* we had a boy rage from Thursday until Monday. Our director sent him home permanently on Monday. It was a good thing- he hadn't changed his ridiculous behavior in 1 1/2 years. But having someone make faces at me, scream at me and throw his food around the courtyard was pretty draining.

* our fridge died this morning. well probably yesterday but we discovered all the melted food this morning. a blessing in disguise, sort of. We had the world's smallest (well not compared to Asia, but for America) fridge. I'm thrilled to have an almost-new one that I didn't pay for (they provide appliances here). But that meant ripping one of my {few} cabinets out of the wall so it would fit and it's so tall that I can't store oils & spices on top anymore. My house is still a wreck from that disaster this morning.

* Shan has a cold. I am {really} not complaining because so many of my friends have babies who get sick a lot more. But it sure is draining to have a clingy toddler, when you're used to an independent one.

And just in general feeling down and sad I guess. I'm sure it's hormones. So I went searching for some color HERE and found some Check out THIS or THESE or THIS.

Hope that {brightens} up your night!


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